Frozen food packaging techniques plastic trays

Freeze-dried food packaging, the main purpose is to address the deterioration of the absorbent to absorb moisture and oxidation problems.

Proof packaging techniques

Freeze-dried clamshell packaging food is easy to absorb moisture and become damp, that it is in the packaging or during storage, it is easy to absorb moisture in the air inside the package. Studies have shown that freeze-drying process out of the food, in general, the absorption maximum within 80 hours, but also with the processing of frozen moisture absorption rate and the different items.

Oxidation method freeze-dried food packaging technology in the packaging oxidation during storage, mainly referring to the ingredients in fat oxidation and oil-soluble ingredients in the oxidation of carotenoids, chlorophyll oxidation of ascorbic acid oxidation. Since the presence of oxidation, it is difficult to avoid changes in product color and loss of vitamins. The degree of oxidation of fats lower moisture content is low but more serious, because the water adsorbed on the oil molecules during drying section rupture the fat surface and easy contact with oxygen in the air plastic packaging is oxidized exigencies. Simply by reducing the moisture content of the package it is difficult to resist oxidation technique.

In summary, the oxidation is optional package measures considered functional packaging material with oxygen, an antioxidant, packaging design a water balance of the inner layer of the packaging functions (inner coated aquasorb packaging) of the packaging to maintain a certain moisture , low-temperature storage, and good light resistance can be used packing materials.

Frozen food packaging safety precautions several

Frozen frozen food packaging to ensure food safety and hygiene as an important means to get wider attention, frozen food packaging should note the following aspects:

To understand the characteristics of its own frozen food protection required conditions should study the main components affecting frozen foods, particularly those affecting fat, protein, vitamins and other nutrients plastic box sensitive factors, including light, oxygen, temperature, microbiological and physical, mechanical mechanics and other aspects of influencing factors. Only with packaged frozen food frozen biological, chemical, physical characteristics and sensitivities to determine their protection required conditions in order to determine the choice of what kind of packaging materials, packaging technology for packaging operations to achieve their protective function and appropriate to extend the shelf life of its purpose.

Research and master packaging materials packaging performance and scope and conditions of a wide range of packaging materials, performance varies. Therefore, only in the understanding of a variety of packaging materials and containers packaging performance, in order according to package frozen frozen food protection requirements both to protect vac tray frozen food selection and quality of flavor, but also the body with its commercial value, and make a clear plastic packaging reasonable package integrated packaging materials.

grasp the technical methods for packaging frozen foods given, in addition to selecting the appropriate packaging and containers, but also the most suitable method of packaging technology. The same kind of frozen frozen food packaging can often use different technical approaches to achieve the same or similar packaging requirements and effects. But sometimes in order to meet the requirements set and effects, specific packaging techniques must be used. Packaging technology selection and choice of packaging materials is closely related to, but also frozen food and packaging market positioning and other factors are closely related.

Research and understand the commodities market positioning and distribution of goods market positioning regional conditions, mode of transport and distribution area’s climate and geographical conditions are frozen food packaging design must be considered. Domestic sales of goods and for different countries’ exports of goods whose packaging and packaging requirements vary, different modes of transport on the protective packaging requirements are not the same. For frozen frozen food packaging, the circulation of commodities essential to regional climate conditions change, because the temperature inside the freezer frozen food chemical changes in ingredients, frozen and chilled food microbiology barrier packaging material itself has a great impact.

study and understand the overall structure of packaging materials and packaging of frozen foods should be aware of the packaging material and other ingredients into the freezing additive migration in the case of frozen food, frozen food and frozen in some components permeate the packaging container and is adsorbed and so on the circulation process frozen frozen food quality.

a reasonable structure design and interior design packaging frozen foods under the requirement of protection required is expected to packaging costs, packaging and other aspects of the amount of packaging design and reasonable conditions, including the shape of the container, compressive strength, structure, size, sealing methods and other aspects of the design, packaging should be as far as possible, reasonable structure, material saving, saving shipping space and comply with the plastic packaging design trend of the times, to avoid excessive packaging and deceptive packaging.

packaging design should be compatible with the built-in product, do trademark eye-catching, concise text, graphics bright colors full of visual impact, and can cater to the preferences of targeted consumer groups. Export commodities should be noted that consumption habits and avoid the country’s national consumer groups taboo.

Test Methods qualified master packing goods must have qualified packaging, product plastic package testing in addition to testing the product itself, but the packaging must also be detected after passing into circulation. Packaging testing project is very much, but not every package must conduct a comprehensive inspection. Of specific packaging to be exactly what tests should be built depending on the characteristics of its frozen frozen food sensitivities, packaging material type and its national standards and regulatory requirements. For example, canned frozen frozen food cans often need to determine its inner coating frozen food in the freezer in case of dissolution, oxygen packaging should be measured oxygen permeability of packaging materials, packaging materials, moisture-proof packaging should be measured water vapor transmission rate and so on.

grasp packaging standards and regulations packaging operations should strictly abide by national standards and regulations, export products should comply with the importing country’s standards and regulations. Only way to ensure supply of raw materials from the packaging, packaging operations, circulation of commodities and international trade flow smoothly. As the market economy and international trade development, packaging standardization is increasingly important. Only way to make our goods go abroad to participate in international competition in the market.

Freeze-dried food packaging

Freeze-dried foods have become popular around the world another new processed foods. Freeze-dried food before eating, just inflated resume its original color, smell and taste can be processed or consumed. Freeze-dried food packaging company is easy to duplicate, and maximize the retention of fresh food color, smell, taste, and also maximize the retention of the original nutrients and food physiologically active ingredient. Therefore, the freeze-dried food has become the high-quality fast food convenience foods, makes a lot of functional foods or high fat foods freeze-dried foods use more raw materials, but also makes the freeze-dried foods become high value-added food or raw materials.

Domestic and foreign common desiccant packaging material can be divided into: Domestic ventilation paper (paper) class, non-woven, laminated paper, textured paper and DuPont Tyvek (Tyvek).

Small size of the filter can be used for packing silica gel desiccant for packaging strong enough and easy to leak powder, good ventilation; composite paper poor ventilation, resulting in slow absorption is generally not suitable for electronic products, moisture-proof packaging; nonwoven has some strength, and good air permeability, used for packaging montmorillonite, easy to leak powder; textured paper, good air permeability, high strength, dust resistance, wide applicability, high prices than ordinary laminated paper, but far far below the DuPont paper, is the ideal choice for high-grade packaging materials; Tyvek desiccant packaging is ideal for a variety of materials with high strength, resistance to fold, tear-resistant, anti-static, good air permeability and other characteristics, also has excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance, clean design for packaging desiccant, both good permeability, with sufficient intensity and beautiful printing effect, the only drawback is the high price….