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Insulation packing carton frozen leading fashion

As living standards improve, people’s eating habits from the past homogenization subsistence transition to the present diversity nutrition. plastic box

At present, the new concept of nutrition experts under the auspices of frozen food is generally good, consumption is growing. Since the existence of frozen food regional and seasonal differences, also will increase its liquidity. In order to maintain the existence of frozen plastic trays food storage and transportation, the quality of the sales process, the relevant enterprises and research institutes in recent years to increase research and development efforts, we have introduced a number of packaging material with insulation function.

Which functional insulation corrugated box corrugated box with thermal insulation cryogenic storage of frozen food is frozen effective means of insulation. Corrugated boxes with insulation function, that is, in the traditional box, packaging and aluminum composite resin lining on the deposited film or foamed resin is added to the core. It has excellent heat resistance, fruits and vegetables to prevent its own way in the flow temperature, heat insulation purposes.

The use of frozen packaged waterproof cardboard

With the growing popularity of frozen food packaging, packaging materials for demanding higher performance, especially in the development and production of waterproof cardboard, packaging in the freezer has been very good to use. Using this new technology for the production of waterproof packaging company paper packaging materials, in a large range of plastic products used in place; while its different merits of plastic products are waterproof paper waste, paper mill without special treatment Paper can be recovered for reuse as raw material, without polluting the environment, waste of resources, is the typical green packaging.

Generally waterproof paper or paperboard made resistant to water leakage each successive time up to 80 g / m below the sheet of not less than 72 hours, 80 g / m or more sheets of not less than 100 hours, 300 g / m or more cardboard at least 200 hours, the impedance of the initial temperature is 100 boiling water leakage consecutive time also a lot of anti-dry 72 / h time.

Waterproof and non-waterproof paper or cardboard paper or paperboard same species comparison, in addition to new waterproof function, strength, color and adhesive properties has not changed, improved printing performance, breathable performance has improved.

The use of frozen packaged waterproofing agent

Corrugated box with waterproof waterproof corrugated board according to the extent and waterproof different processing methods are divided into three categories: hydrophobic corrugated board generally carried no water wax or silicone coating hydrophobic substance such as processing, it will plastic packaging design encounter a lot of water complete loss of water effects; cover water based wax corrugated cardboard as the main resin mixture from the corrugated surface laminating impermeable role, but without cover water processing part is completely unable to resist water penetration; waterproof corrugated cardboard with a whole wax and resin-impregnated processing, may lack hydrophobic coating can cover the water is clear plastic packaging not high.

Traditional corrugated boxes waterproof, moisture commonly used resins, edible vegetable oil, dimensional square oil (moisture oil), due to the operation of work, time-consuming, require Liangshai or after brushing the form of drying by heating, easy cause for corrugated boxes pollution, does not meet the health requirements, is not suitable for the development requirements of the times, as a waterproofing material used on the market is more paraffin, lies in packaging design its low cost, excellent water resistance and harmless. Currently HF series of corrugated boxes, paper products repellents promotion in a waterproof, moisture-proof, the effect is obvious. Its operability, bright surface after coating, non-toxic, tasteless, and can improve physical performance of corrugated boxes, does not affect printing and sealing, is the ideal waterproof, moisture-proof material.

Water can be processed vac tray on the box board and corrugated paper or paperboard for manufacturing and in water after processing.

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Frozen food range is very wide, in general, can be divided into two types: one is a beverage, dairy products, cold drinks, seafood, meat and other foods need to use low-temperature preservation A refers to the freeze-dried foods. Perhaps the reader be very familiar with the former frozen food, while the latter do not understand the freeze-dried food, below came a brief introduction.

Freeze-dried foods is being dried, the need to frozen foods preserved. It is a fresh food for special treatment in order to achieve the preservation of a new class of food shelf. From the quality perspective, it is superior to the traditional hot air drying, spray drying, vacuum drying dehydrated foods; From the storage perspective, it is far superior to frozen foods and canned foods.

Freeze-dried food before eating, just inflated resume its original color, smell and taste can be processed or consumed. Freeze-dried foods easily rehydrated, and maximize the retention of fresh food color, smell, taste, and also maximize the retention of the original nutrients and food physiologically active ingredient. Therefore, the freeze-dried food has become the high-quality fast food convenience foods, makes a lot of functional foods or food ingredients to use more high-grade freeze-dried food ingredients, but also makes the freeze-dried foods become high value-added food or raw materials. In some foreign countries, freeze-dried food to become athletes, field army soldiers, astronauts and other special professions important staple foods. In civilian foods also occupies an important position, such as Japan’s fast and easy foods and 50% freeze-dried foods. In the international market than the traditional freeze-dried food dehydrated food prices higher than 4 times.

Freeze-dried food quality characteristics

Freeze-dried foods is the largest quality characteristics of freeze drying, including freeze-drying and vacuum freeze drying, the moisture content of the food to maximize the high water discharge. plastic packaging Its quality characteristics table below. Freeze-dried food shrinkage rate is much lower than other dried food, fresh food to maintain the shape. Freeze-dried food without surface hardening, while in the complex water, the water can quickly penetrate into the freeze-dried food inside, it has excellent rehydration properties.

Freeze-dried food in the processing to avoid the common food processing heat-sensitive components are damaged, oxidized oxidizable components phenomenon. Therefore, freeze-dried food ingredient nutrition and physical activity retention rate is highest. Freeze-dried foods are processed at lower temperatures, does not occur fading of dye plastic package decomposition caused, enzymes and amino acids browning caused by the consumption of rehydration can not add a vivid coloring effect ever. Freeze-dried food processing less volatile aroma components, and after drying the relative increase in the concentration of aromatic ingredients, aroma thicker.

Characteristics of freeze-dried food packaging

Freeze-dried dehydrated food thoroughly, without adding any preservatives, simply can safely and properly packaged long time storage and preservation. Freeze-drying in a porous sponge-like structure, if improper packing, once exposed to air, they absorb moisture easily.

Freeze-dried foods larger surface area, easy to make the oxygen in the air in contact with the food inside, which over time will cause the oxidative rancidity of fat, which required packaging technology to control. Freeze-dried food relative density, the volume occupied by relatively large. In addition, the structure of a porous vegetables loose and fragile, inconvenient transportation (required for packaging processed transportation).

The quality characteristics of frozen foods and packaging characteristics of the design and selection is packaging methods and techniques must be considered….