Emergency clean up plastic box old packaging ice cream
Compared with previous years, this year’s ice cream quality will be better, because the first time this year, AQSIQ beverage market access system implemented. July 1 onwards, no QS (Quality Safety) logo beverage products will not be marketed.

Reporter yesterday learned from the Beijing Association of cold food, despite the deadline is approaching, you can still have half of the current Beijing market ice cream brand plastic packaging design has not been certified by QS.

Recently, this reporter visited the Carrefour, China Resources, JKL cold drinks and other large supermarket counters, randomly clamshell packaging picked Nestle, and the way the snow, the Arctic Ocean, the New World, Baxi and vac tray other brands of ice cream, but did not find ice cream with QS logo. In response, Beijing cold food Association Secretary Ms. Lee said that the Beijing court about a dozen ice cream brands, including Baxi, and the plastic package way the snow ice cream and other seven companies have passed the QS certification. In addition, there sixty-seven packaging company companies did not pass certification. As for why consumers in the market did not find QS certification of products, it is because many enterprises in order to reduce losses, are planning on July 1 before the old packaging products quickly sold out, with the QS new packaging will be July 1 days after use.

Reporters learned that the provisions of the AQSIQ QS certification only for molding ice cream, clear plastic packaging ice cream and other products, some of the fast food, cold drinks and ice cream kiosks selling bulk QS certification does not belong to the scope. Quality Supervision Bureau official said, on the cold affixed QS plastic trays logo will eliminate a number of backward technology equipment, weed out unqualified small cold processing packaging design plants, for consumers, is a great advantage. For plastic packaging those who did not pass the certification of enterprises, quality inspection departments to accept applications for accreditation at any time, even after the July 1, if passed the certification can still be marketed.

In addition, the reporter also found that some small businesses because they can not pass the QS certification, intended not done after July 1, so during this time big promotion, low prices to attract consumers….