Oishi plastic packaging food clamshell packaging packaging allowed to clear plastic packaging use plastic box the plastic trays “C” logo
Recently, the packaging company Provincial Quality and Technical packaging design Supervision verification Oishi Food Industry Co., Ltd. Ningbo through a quantitative measurement of packaged goods manufacturers plastic packaging design to ensure the evaluation capacity in its series production of natural potato chips, puffed on a series of other food allowed to use vac tray a unified national measure to ensure proficiency mark, namely “C” logo, which is the first in Ningbo through “C” logo quantitative evaluation of packaged goods manufacturers.

On the implementation of plastic package prepackaged goods “C” logo, in our country is a new management model, which is the international common practice in some developed countries. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said, to get “C” logo will help improve corporate prepackaged goods in the domestic and international market reputation competitiveness. Encourage enterprises to strengthen the foundation and establishing measuring and testing measurement management system to improve consumer confidence in prepackaged goods, and promote trade exchanges prepackaged goods.