Last year, the vac tray State Quality clamshell packaging Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in order to further improve animal and plant quarantine examination and approval, announced its decision to cancel wet blue (dry) skin, tanned fur, wash down, washed hair, carbonized wool, wool tops, shellfish, aquatic products, bee products, cooked meat products plastic packaging (such as sausages, packaging company ham, canned meat, edible high temperature refining animal fats) and other products for the quarantine permit. With the announcement to enter the second year of implementation, plastic box from Xinjiang to Pakistan looking to import turtles, dried plastic trays cuttlefish, shrimps and other aquatic plastic packaging design growing enterprises and individual businesses, in order to ensure smooth entry into the Chinese market of aquatic products in Pakistan, the majority of seafood importers should try to understand aquatic areas on entry of the relevant provisions.

In addition to providing entry aquatic products exporting country or region official inspection and quarantine certificates issued, but also there should be intact and durable packaging and a new non-toxic, harmless and external packaging plastic package to safeguard consumers’ right to know, clear plastic packaging both inside and outside on the packaging There should also be strong, clear, easily recognizable logo in English, indicating the following:

1, trade names and scientific names of aquatic products, specification, packaging design production date, batch and storage conditions;

2, production methods, including saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing and aquaculture;

3, the production areas, including marine fishers fishing waters, the source of freshwater fishing by country or region, aquaculture products, the final stage of breeding country or region;

4, the production plant name and registration number of mangoes imported from Pakistan must meet Chinese phytosanitary requirements, clean, and never-before-used materials packaging.

According to the Khunjerab port inspection and quarantine department statistics, in recent years from the Khunjerab Port arrivals belongings seized and import of goods produced in Pakistan seafood packaging packaging requirements do not meet the above, therefore, inspection and quarantine departments to remind Pakistan imported aquatic products companies, shippers and agents Units attention to packaging, transport prior to acceptance of work to do to avoid being returned after entry aquatic products….