Overall, Russian goods clamshell packaging packaging requirements with ISO122 standard basic match. Enter packaging company the Russian market of goods packaging must comply with the plastic trays requirements of Russian packaging requirements.

In Russia, the packaging is divided into two categories: food and non-food categories. plastic packaging design

Food packaging should have the vac tray following: name and type of food, plastic box producers and production companies, food weight and volume, main ingredient, including food additives, food names, food value, storage conditions, the effective period of use, production and consumption methods, use the plastic packaging recommended and conditions of use.

Non-food packaging should be the following: name, producer and manufacturer names, uses, mainly performance and technical specifications, efficient and safe use of the rules and conditions, according to the national standardization of certain packaging design commodities such clear plastic packaging requirements and sales requirements description of the goods made by the other.

Since July 1, 1999, the Russian part of the goods (primarily wine products, audio and video products, computer plastic package equipment three categories) compulsory paste security signs and statistical information bar. The flag can be standardized in Russia, under commission for the purchase of quality supervision institutions, statistical information of each region in the Russian National Trade Supervision Bureau for purchase.

All goods (including food and non-food products) must be marked with Russian instructions. Such as packaging or labeling small and can not accommodate all the necessary text description, allows attached product manual.