Smaller increase in EPS plastic package packaging market in Europe
Market analysts predict that by 2007, European food and beverage plastic packaging market from 2000 clear plastic packaging sales clamshell packaging of packaging design $ 4.91 billion increased to $ packaging company 7.15 billion, plastic box an average annual growth rate of 5.5%.

With the plastic packaging plastic material hardness, heat resistance, toughness and other aspects of vac tray performance gradually improving, the European food and beverage industry is plastic packaging design making increasing use of plastic packaging materials instead of traditional paper, glass and metal packaging. Expected sales growth will be fastest polypropylene packaging market, which will grow by 10.7 percent thermoplastic polypropylene, plastic trays transparent polypropylene will grow by 9.5%; followed by PET, annual growth is expected to be around 9.2%, while the foam polystyrene ethylene and soft PVC (PVC) market for the smallest increase, and may even stop growing.