In recent years , as companies continue to enrich for cost control and strong demand forms of packaging , shrink plastic trays packaging machines more and more cause for concern , but also a considerable increase in usage . To this end , domestic and vac tray foreign equipment manufacturers are rapidly developing and manufacturing a wide variety of plastic package shrink plastic packaging packaging machine to meet the market ‘s needs. In the beverage industry , shrink packaging technology in particular.

You can complete the basic functions of packaging design a heat-shrinkable packaging machine must include: bottles into the bottle and sub- section , the main transmission parts, wrap film parts, the film is part of the thermal furnace section and the control section . In addition, if the package , then the disk to Gatto , but also the storage and transport tray section. In addition , it may also include some other extensions to complete the part .

Shrink packaging machine market advantages:

Beverage industry: 30% lower than the carton packaging costs

Currently, plastic box the vast majority of canned drinks and a large part of the plastic bottled drinks are adopting shrink packaging , shrink packaging is a very good prospect in packaged form , currently abroad already completely replaced with clamshell packaging shrink packing cartons or half pallet cartons such cases , but the domestic market due to the current logistics environment can not be proven with the international market compared to logistics management , so shrink technology in the domestic market to the international level there are still some obstacles, the next 3 ~ five years, with shrink shrink film packaging packaging box design technology development and continuous improvement of bearing capacity , at a certain specification packaging , shrink packaging cartons or shrink can replace half pallet boxes .

Shrink packaging of the earliest forms of adoption Ting Hsin International Group, responsible person just T Xi Zhang : carton with shrink alternative , the cost can be reduced at least 30%. This is the beverage industry shrink technology to attract the plastic packaging design most important reason . Of course, shrink packaging cartons during transport over the protective function clear plastic packaging is relatively worse , but with the continuous development of innovative heat shrinkable materials , heat shrink applications in the beverage industry is a bright !

Beer industry: color film shrink packaging improve product quality, boost sales

1 . The packaging forms, is conducive to promotion ; 2 . packaging company Shrink packaging has the flexibility to suit different specifications , especially the small size of the product bundle packaging. The small size of cluster beer packaging has better flexibility and easier to carry, so is increasingly being consumers. As the market for small-size cluster increased demand for beer packaging , shrink packaging will have more room for development .

Moreover, the current color appears shrink film by beer companies attach great importance to a number of companies have adopted this beer shrink film , improved product quality , and promote sales . Brewery Company Limited Hubei Jinlongquan relevant person in charge , color film shrink packaging showing the effect would be the best choice , in this demand, with the film positioning system for color shrink film shrink packaging machine will become the beer industry development prospects best packaging equipment.

Beverage industry: Shrink equipment need to be more flexible, personalized

With consumer spending habits change , shrink the size , great changes have taken place , from two bottles shrink to 12 bottles, 24 bottles, therefore , beverage companies need to be able to meet different specifications shrink packaging equipment , in addition, if the in different sizes shrink packaging easy for consumers to add handles to carry, is the beverage company’s most promising. Flexible device that provides personalized packaging shrink packaging technology equipment is the future trend of development.

Dairy industry: Shrink equipment flexibility needs to be improved
Dairy enterprises in the huge market competitive pressures , are finding ways to use various means to improve product Even if the original is 8 cups of product packaging to ” buy eight get two ” promotion in the form , then shrink packaging machine on exposed some weaknesses: Most flexible shrink machine is not very strong, not well dairy enterprises to adapt to this demand , companies can only use the promotional site promotional products with tape wrapped around eight cups of products even on the box , which seriously affects the appearance of the product , reduce the quality of the packaging . Therefore , heat shrink packaging machinery in order to have more room for development , must be resolved quickly users want the device has good flexibility of this demand !

End-user enterprises in various industries shrink packaging plastic packaging box equipment in reducing packaging costs, boost sales in these two areas can be described as high hopes , I believe that with shrink packaging technology continues to evolve , the market will have more products with this package in the form of appears more flexible and efficient shrink packaging technology will be the end-user enterprises in the future for shrink packaging equipment greatest expectations !