China’s reform and opening up began in the early 2080s, but as the modern sense of the “Packaging Design” – this can contribute

to social and economic development of the industry, to get a broader social cognition, but it is something since the 1990s. In

the past, China’s enterprises and product development many of the problems encountered in the process, nothing more than the

product backward, outdated equipment, process rough and lax management, plastic

package the most important question may still packaging design behind. And such a role for packaging design certain

cognitive and also by a gradual, evolving process. The last 10 years, mainly in the coastal open areas represented in Guangzhou,

Shenzhen, Shanghai area, begin to grow out of a design market. Wide clamshell

packaging cargo has been able to “Expedition”, Shandong household packaging

company appliances, electronic products, Jiangsu and Zhejiang’s clothing, furniture and food in the Shanghai market’s

competitive advantage, the main reason is not only in its price and quality, while derived from the modern one step ahead design

advantages, namely the courage to continue to introduce advanced foreign packaging design, packaging design, product constantly

Here the word “packaging design market,” not only refers to the packaging designers to form groups composed of plastic packaging professional organizations, independent living in the community,

and to their own packaging design packaging design work and demand among enterprises constitute a social vac tray group or traded relations, the packaging design activities become valuable

economic behavior, resulting in sale “packaging design” in the market. But also refers to the social groups and individuals,

through the purchase of property excellent packaging design knowledge, through innovative products and unique packaging plastic packaging box design packaging design advertising planning the

understanding achieved for goods brand, functional, aesthetic, plastic packaging

design economic, material, etc. understanding, accepted the package design in promoting social progress and economic

development an important clear plastic packaging role in enabling consumers to

consciously added to the packaging design needs to form a packaging design needs of the community, plastic trays organizations need packaging design, packaging design needs virtuous

circle, packaging design development considered on track. packaging box


The market economy is “packaging design market,” there is a necessary condition. Because the planned economy, society does not

have the pressure of competition, business or commercial organizations generally do not expect to seek the assistance of

packaging designers; from a planned economy to a market economy, the process of transformation. Most state-owned enterprises are

not used after the abolition of national plans on how to find way out to the market and to withstand the enormous plastic box pressure of competition, in addition to relying on cheap sales and other

means of low-level competition, the evolution of the concept is still not to rely on packaging design assistance degree; in this

context, is called “the most dynamic economic sectors,” the township enterprises and private enterprises, state-owned

enterprises although stronger than the market concept, but after all, in the enterprise scale, capital share, staff quality and

technological content of products on the starting point is too low, so many more intensive processing of raw materials and other

labor-intensive, can packaging design be relied upon competitive factors are

mainly natural resources and cheap labor, the product has not developed to the level we must rely on packaging design stage. But

in an open market economy under the conditions of the country, especially in the situation of China’s WTO accession, corporate

or commercial establishment in the fierce international competition for the keeping and improve their position in the market,

and gradually from passive looking package designer “fire”, steering and packaging design agency to establish long-term

partnerships and actively develop the market. At this stage, “packaging design market” will mature.