Since reform and opening, China foil packaging industry has been unprecedented rapid development and has become an important impetus for the development of aluminum industry. Meanwhile, the domestic high-end packaging aluminum foil production technology and supply capacity continues to increase, China has become the international aluminum market can not ignore the important part.

At present, China can cost mass production thinnest foil thickness 0.005mm. New Alcoa Aluminum Co., Ltd., Yunnan with casting strip (width 1160mm) produced a 0.0055mm 0.0002mm power capacitors foil, access General Electric Company and ABB’s certified Hain Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd. and Anhui, Guizhou Aluminum Plant North foil production plant is also 0.0055mm foil, this foil production technology Chinese world leading level.

Considered how thin aluminum foil packaging foil, different countries have different definitions of Chinese small thickness of the flat-rolled thin strip known as aluminum foil. EEC 2005 a large-scale study showed that the plastic packaging design thickness of foil packaging design is not thinner than 0.006mm, or can not ensure proper seal, through the oxygen molecules.

Before the reform: China’s packaging industry in infancy foil

But in 1950 to 1978 the 20-year average annual growth rate of aluminum production was 70.1% Although the overall trend during this period of growth, but unstable, not sustained growth. Before the reform, Chinese aluminum industry is a weak industry.

China’s first aluminum foil rolling mill — Chinese steel finishing plant construction began in 1932, the second year using imported raw materials produced about 1100t board foil, but until 1938 only mass 0.007mm foil. The plant is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in 1960, bought by the Chinese government, China’s state-owned enterprises. Until 1962, China only this one aluminum company, its average monthly production of 290t, which foil 150t, plate and strip 140t.

The initial construction, the plant has 127 employees, in 1933 changed to continuous three-shift production, monthly 113t. 1935, smelting, casting, sheet with foil mill and finishing equipment have been put into some of the highest yield reached 400t/mo, a total of 400 employees. So far, China aluminized steel finishing plant has been basically completed a complete set of industrial pure aluminum plate, strip and foil production system. Used in the original ingots from Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland and other countries imported products sold in the domestic market. In addition to smoke foil, but also the production of laminating thickness 0.009mm candy packing foil, thickness 0.014mm of tea mounted kraft foil thickness 0.006mm ~ 0.0075mm electronic foil.

Shanghai liberation, aluminum industry difficulties, China aluminized steel finishing plant foreign investors lose confidence in business, production dropped substantially, production from the liberation of 300t/mo ~ 400t/mo down to 70t/mo ~ 80t/mo, but production is not completely interrupted until July 1960 paid by the Chinese government nationalized vac tray and renamed as “local state-owned Shanghai Aluminum Products Factory”, later renamed “ALUMINUM of aluminum”, belonging to Shanghai Light Industry Bureau. After the production of the plant to develop state-run fast, six months after production has undergone enormous changes. Aluminum foil, aluminum, aluminum production has grown exponentially. Compared with the former state-owned, with an average monthly increase of 414.4 percent, 385.4 percent average monthly output growth, labor productivity growth of 248.2%, in 1961 began exporting aluminum foil.

In 1961, China imported from the German Democratic Republic a production capacity of 1100t / a of aluminum foil production clear plastic packaging line, this production line in 1970 in the Northwest aluminum processing plant. This set of aluminum device is democracy as war reparations to the Soviet Union, Germany made the Soviet Union as an aid to China project sold to China.

In 1963, Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. China Aluminium Steel fine reference plant equipment and production process design foil workshop production, design production capacity of 1.5kt / a. The 1960s and 1970s, the country modeled on the Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. and Northwest Aluminum foil processing plant equipment and production technology built a number of small aluminum foil plant, which mainly are: Beijing Yanqing foil mills, aluminum foil plant in Changshu City Liaoning electronic aluminum foil plant, Jiangyou Southwest Metal, Xi’an aluminum products factory.

After the reforms: China’s packaging industry and international standards foil, aluminum foil as the primary power

Since the reform and opening up China’s aluminum industry big development, modernization, beginning with the international market standards, as well as joint ventures with multinational Alcoa period. Since 1979 Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. The company introduced from Germany Aschenbach universal aluminum foil rolling mill production clamshell packaging since the end of 1998, China has a total size of 79 aluminum companies, with a total design capacity of 185kt / a, the average production capacity of each plant 2.34kt / a. Has a roll surface width exceeds 1000mm aluminum foil rolling mill with four rollers 45, which contains the first Chinese heavy machinery manufacturing company design and manufacture of four roller Irreversible 1350mm universal mill 3 sets with Luoyang Nonferrous Metals Processing and Design Institute for normally Aluminum Inc. designed primarily for 1350mm cold rolling of aluminum foil machine 1; introduction of aluminum foil machine 40, including second-hand rolling mill nine Aluminum Co. of Japan and North China Kobe Steel technology manufactured by the Zhuoshen 5 Taiwan 1600mm rolling mill. China aluminum foil plant as much as the packaging box design average size of a small, two-roll machine much, ranking highest in the world.

1979 to 2008, China’s aluminum industry for 30 years period of great development, the first 20 years of the modern aluminum industry sustained rapid development has laid a foundation, at a later stage is to become the world’s largest country with the primary power foil period is catching up the world’s advanced level of 10 years. China has become one of the primary aluminum industry powerhouse.

Production in the world. 2008 China’s aluminum production reached 1320kt, almost 1.5 times the output in Europe, the U.S. production of 1.9 times, but it should be plastic packaging box noted that this comparison is not exact, because countries differ on the definition of aluminum foil, they plastic trays are all statistics Su foil, while China’s statistics contain a small amount of deep processing composite foil and foil, but in any case, China is the first producer of aluminum foil is no doubt. In the reform and opening up 30 years, aluminum foil production is rising steadily sustained rapid, almost no major fluctuations. This 30-year average annual growth rate of 34.3%, compared with 1959 to 1978 the average annual growth rate between low 35.7 percent, mainly because the first 30 years of the base is too small.

Product competitiveness in the international market, the net export volume is high. China-made packaging foil not only high quality, reasonable price, good service, and homogeneous species, form a series of specifications to meet the world with a variety of packaging production line equipment requirements. From the early plastic box 1890s began commercial production of aluminum foil, China has imported plastic package aluminum foil country since the early 1930s China began producing aluminum foil until 2003 China has also been a net exporter of aluminum foil. China in 2000 was the highest annual net exports of aluminum foil, reaching 33.815kt, since then, net exports declining until 2004 to become a net exporter, which is the Chinese aluminum industry milestone in the history of the year. In subsequent years, a large net exports year after year, the annual average growth rate of 182.2%. But China’s net exports of aluminum foil is still much, still accounted for a small proportion of production, such as aluminum foil from 2004 to 2008 total 4340.233kt, net exports 827.436kt latter / former ratio of only 19.1, which is net exports accounted for only yield 19.1%, which is net exports (355.365kt) up to 2008, net exports accounted for only 27%, compared with a net exporter of aluminum foil in Germany accounted for about 48 percent of production is much lower.

In the foreseeable period of time, China has become a net exporter of aluminum foil is unshakable fact is China materials manufacturing industry to improve the inevitable result of modernization, reform and opening harvest fruit. In fact, the reform and opening up 30 years, total exports of aluminum foil is greater than imports, such as 1984 to 2008, total exports 1319.422kt, total imports 934.399kt, net exports 385.073kt.

Advanced equipment and production technology among the forefront. The end of 2008 China imported mainly to the modernization of rolling packing foil aluminum plastic packaging foil rolling mill 84 sets, their production capacity of about 480kt, including the introduction of 2000mm grade foil rolling mill 26, and from David company introduced three sets of steel from Austria Joint company introduced three units. China’s large modern aluminum foil rolling mill these accounted for almost 72% of the global total.

In addition to these 2000mm grade foil rolling mill, there is introduced since the early 1980s commissioned R 1200 ~ 1750mm modern foil rolling mill 40. China some of the equipment design and manufacturing companies in the digestion and absorption of imported technology creatively made on the basis of about 18 units 2000mm foil foil rolling mills and other more than 70 large and medium, they produced a good role to play, even though they Also installed on the overall level of the same level with the introduction of the installed level there are some gaps, but as time goes by rapidly reducing this gap, about 2018, Chinese construction machinery and equipment required foil mills can be based on domestic Of course, complete automation and control equipment with the international advanced level, but also take longer to catch up. In any case, China’s installed capacity level of aluminum foil rolling mill industry, quantity, etc., both in the overall level of world advanced level.

Overall, the Chinese aluminum industry level of production technology has been among the world’s advanced level, China has several companies are able to mass 0.005mm foil, and using a casting strip; Xiashun Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd., based composites limited company, Shandong Nanshan Light Alloy Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenhuo Aluminum Co., Ltd. Kunshan Aluminum foil mills are used 2000mm grade smooth mass 1800mm wide 0.00635mm foil, while they produce a foil width greater than 1600mm total more than 70% yield, product quality indicators have reached or exceeded the international standards and EU standards, the output of these mills have exceeded the design goals. Xiashun Foil Co., Ltd. production not only significantly exceeds the design value, and export volume reached more than 40% of total production, and showed an increasing trend; big Asian Group Danyang aluminum processing plant to a table 1500mm roughing mill, 2 1480mm in fine foil rolling mill with an annual output of about 14kt0.00635mm, design production capacity of more than 25%. Matrix Composites Co., both in the use of imported Aschenbach mill and rolling mill with a homemade batch 1800mm 2000mm dual-class 206 packaging foil. Some companies, such as China Aluminum Foil Co. Xiashun, Ya Technology Danyang aluminum branch of labor productivity, yield and other indicators have reached the world advanced level. If Xiashun Aluminum Foil Co. ingots rolled strip rolling 0.00635mm foil 0.35mm yield more than 86%; 0.00635mm foil thickness deviation is less than 3%; pinhole rate of less than 50 / m; stack stationary phase finishing rolling speed 600m/min.

Aluminum Co., Ltd. Jiangsu often air-conditioning foil quality indicators in the overall number of enterprises with Japanese students comparable products, not only by Japanese air conditioners in China, the company’s certification, and access to international markets.

Is currently building a large aluminum foil project are: Shandong Loften Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. on February 26 held a 100kt / a completed and put into aluminum strip cum 500kt / a aluminum foil and Technology Park groundbreaking ceremony ceremony, the project total investment of 10 billion yuan, 2011 put into operation, can produce sheet with foil 500kt / a, to become China’s largest aluminum foil as the leading packaging company products of flat-rolled products, one; Aluminum Chengdu 100kt / a foil projects underway intense preparatory work; Northwest Aluminum Aluminum processing branch 50kt / a foil construction of the project has entered the equipment installation climax; Watergate Deli Alcoa Aluminum Co., Ltd. and China will build one of the emerging large-scale aluminum foil. There are some large companies are preparing to expand.

China is still in the high-speed continuous aluminum industry development stage, about to go to 2012 in order to enter a stable period of development, has great potential for development…