1, the importance of packaging

First, the product is to achieve a variety of business interests of the carrier, which is a specific form of packaging and delivering value to customers. Secondly, the packaging is the most contact with consumers on behalf of companies and lowest cost a medium that conveys the brand and product value. When customers purchase products will first determine the value of the product through the packaging, while the value judgments not only from an aesthetic point of view, but by packaging the passed or guide him to meet the potential demand for information to achieve. Packaging can play a role in both these needs our attention packaging design, so for us to create new value. We also need a new packaging design concepts and methods to achieve this goal, here, I take it from a combination of theoretical and practical perspectives on “packaging design how to create value for the product.

2, packaging design creates value and value creation approach

Value of the product mainly consists of two parts: one part is the product value that the quality of products, the value consumers can perceive only after use; partly through the packaging design to convey the brand and product selling value, which is used to guide consumers through the graphical implied psychological feeling to achieve. Hence, good packaging design not only the most effective dissemination of information and better enhance the psychological value of products in the customers to buy a product, not only to make him understand the actual use value, but also through packaging design’s message implied He can get a lot of non-product benefits. How to create added value product quality beyond it? We can see from the following aspects associated with the use of external resources and products to enhance the value of the product heart.

2.1 the use of geographical symbol associated with the product

Production of many products have high visibility and reputation, the plastic package symbol of the origin of the graphics used in packaging design makes clever? Xiao Fei who have a good Lenovo product, such as: html “the symbol of Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill used in the packaging, consumers will think that this is from the picturesque scenery of Guilin, in the product to sell him, but also to sell his Guilin, thus creating more added value.

2.2 use humanistic culture associated with the product

Many products has become famous because of a poem or a celebrity reason, the clever use of these human factors design, can improve value-added products.

2.3 use of contemporary celebrity associated with the product

This is the current use of relatively large number of practices, can make use of celebrity, rapidly increasing product visibility and added value. If Yao endorsement of McDonald’s products, consumers can easily be Yao Ming healthy, progressive, vibrant side contact with the product, while the desire to purchase.

2.4 use of the brand and related symbols associated with the product

Well-known brand and its symbol concentrated brand value, the use of the product can quickly enhance product value; other authority signs, symbols, too, such as the Olympic flag, the organic certification mark, China well-known trademark logo and so on.

Available for the use of the above, you can enhance value-added products to external resources not all companies and products are owned or obtained on the use of most products can only find from the product characteristics of these features to be extracted from the demand point of plastic trays view , the formation of product concept, through packaging design graphic design, visual communication with consumers, so that consumers know the characteristics of the product in a short time, so packaging becomes when we are talking only from the internal characteristics of mining products , refined packaging design concept, we will find that some products have features, but some homogenization of products and competing products, features not obvious, there are products to some extent, there are still shortcomings. For these situations, we design the packaging according to the consumer prior to the plastic packaging box needs of different motivations, using exaggerated by the performance product characteristics. Such as: “Huiyuan 100, 100% pure fruit juice”, with its emphasis on pure numbers; Another example: “white with black, white tablets eat during the day, not sleepy; night to eat black film, sleep incense”, the product characteristics and consumer who can get benefits closely linked, but also through the packaging design of the visual performance (black and white outer box, plastic packaging design black and white different pills, etc.) nicely enhanced product features in the era of overproduction, product homogeneity technology is the trend that we have only good at using themes and marketing concepts, in order for the product to create more differences. Such as: “Mengniu milk, Chinese astronaut special milk”, “JLF Olympic blessing” and so on, the product did not do any change in circumstances created a selling point. For some products, shortcomings, from a different angle, but highlights the characteristics of the product, such as: “agricultural” Cardiff spring fruit shake before drinking “, originally three kinds of fruit juice made with clamshell packaging precipitation, but it is with the” shake before drinking a shake, “the advertising appeals both avoided the shortcomings, but also suggests the authenticity of three fruits in short, either from outside or from vac tray the product itself to find features in the expanded package design must be refined before the product concept, that point of interest is sold to consumers, that meet consumer demand point is to use the concept of concentrated exaggeration, contrast, suggesting techniques such as product performance point of interest, it can amplify the value of products.

3, a typical case of food packaging design

The following are from two different angles packaging design case, hope that our packaging design concepts and methods for packaging design companies have reference.

3.1 Positive beads soy product image design case: in a rational way to add vivid perceptual performance “nutrition packaging company concept” nutrition soy consumption is one of the main motivations that people are aware of soy milk is nutritious, but to ask what is nutrition soy milk in the end , most people may only know the protein, and other content has an important role in human health nutrients, such as: isoflavone, lecithin, vitamins, iron, saponin, calcium, bifidus factor is often not known ordinary . The nutritional value of soy plastic box milk will be reduced to the concept of protein-based products is stored in the human brain, and in this case it is necessary to soy milk is bead nutritional demands put forward a new product concept is to create a new bead soy product image. Nutrition is in the form of particles or elements being present in the food, although it is beneficial for the health, but it is we never see and touch. Nutrition impression often are more abstract and lifeless text. We are beads made soy milk “nutrition visible” demands strategy, it is easy to overlook the people minutiae amplification products, thus producing dramatic effect, causing customers’ attention, while also strengthening positive beads soymilk is “the most comprehensive nutrition soy milk” product characteristics. Cartoon form with vivid performance nutrition, both lively and there are a good affinity, is very suitable for the characteristics of soy products, so we designed the eight kinds of nutrients into 8 small cartoon, clever performance of the product features. And in cartoon form of performance clear plastic packaging nutrients appear on the packaging, so that the “nutrition visible” dramatic realization, shown in Figure 1. Cartoon performance practices are in line with our target consumer groups (children) aesthetic requirements, and soy milk nutrition through advocacy and meet packaging design our other target packaging box design consumer groups (children’s parents) for food requirements.

3.2 Jin Choi milk packaging design case: leveraging theme, carrying Millennium cultural value “gold money” Changchun milk brand, is one that has been seven years old veteran enterprises. Through an analysis of the brand name, we think, “Jin Choi” such as a dairy brand name does not seem appropriate because the “gold money” makes it easy for people to think of first is like gold and plastic packaging silver and the like, with the dairy products this emerging consumer health seemed a bit out of tune. To solve this problem we have embarked on the design, first by “wealth” thought “God of Wealth” image, so we designed a cute little Mammon. Further in-depth understanding of the horse found there since ancient times, the God of Wealth. So we let the cute little Fortuna ride a cow, this way, “Jin Choi” is vividly linked up with the dairy, and was used as the primary visual image of our various applications. On this basis, we also created “festivity Little God of Wealth”, “smug little God of Wealth” and “healthy small Mammon.” On the topic in the packaging design of “health is a source of wealth” to illustrate the value of products and brands, its specific description by the “quality like gold, like fiscal health” as the main slogan spread. When the entire program is completed customer evaluations is: not only to regain the “gold money” seven years painstakingly accumulated brand equity, but also unexpectedly got a history of several thousand years of cultural heritage – the God of Wealth….