A “reduction”
Reduce waste at the same time it will save resources, save energy. Reduction elements of the “cut portion” is composed of many components in the past by the excess packaging method of removing some of the components. Among them, plastic packaging design some caused by immature technology, and many is because the pursuit of vanity, or inherited habit cause. In order to discard need to have courage, but the vanity and habits as bad habits, you need to both businesses and consumers feeling values ??and conversion occurs. In this process, advancing mass communication contains advertisements of course essential, but if you want to make some cuts caused packaging company by the simplification of the items will not appear on the inductive phase shabby, either looking packaging design strength.
2. “Abandoned easy” of
After discarding the used packaging will inevitably encounter many confusing. In order to remove the trouble of consumers, promotion of appropriate discarded, it is as green packaging design mission. In the package, there are also unable to retain or unable to recycle things. There are two major reasons for this. First, even if you can or recycling, its energy consumption is often greater than the garbage. Secondly, the kind of waste can only be the case. Thus, the existing combustion treatment is effective. Be used since the rest of the small amount of landfilled burial ground pressure. “Burning easily oriented” refers to the shift to the use of combustible materials home. At this point seek is little damage incinerator material with low heat less residue after burning material. Select or utilizing this material packaging design has become a subject of design.

“Material Safety” of not only refers to the combustion does not produce residual toxic substances, but also the recovery of the plastic trays recycle process, as well as scattered burial place and after the case is not toxic, its scope is extensive. In the design before implementation of the “Safe material” of is only natural.

“Prevention of scattered” refers to the environment in the package are not subject to the scattering caused by the widget protection method adopted contamination. The typical examples are opening cans and caps and other parts fixed to bottle things. Many should be designed before it is processed.

“No difference” and “were easily oriented” refers to a process for burning or for the promotion of the recovery and recycling of reservations made to push the preparatory work. In particular in the recycle, recovery of the mixture of different items, which will increase the cost required for the regeneration, not only that, a mixture of different items sometimes even cause plastic box damage to processing system. So, of course, you should avoid mixing different materials, to seek from the same material to give the “no difference” and the time and material mix “were likely” and help consumers select the appropriate discard method. Therefore, no difference of will and were easy on the packaging material of composition, structure and separation methods schematically etc. to be done.

“Reducing the volume of” refers to reducing packaging volume after use. In the abandoned and discarded before the retention phase, the recovery of the processing stage, bulky packaging as people are always plastic packaging box boring. Therefore may not be able to properly discard them. This lead to the recovery of the low. Too large packaging has been gradually behind the trend of the times.

3. “The use of recycled materials.”
Effective use: ‘recycled’, ‘recycled pulp’, ‘recycled plastic’, ‘recycled glass’, etc.. In the recycling process have both material recycling energy recovery. In the material recycling Excluding active use of recycled materials, it will endanger the entire economy.

Common sense is often considered, compared to the original material, recycled material strength and appearance are slightly inferior, in order to ensure the quality of material and technological progress would expect, and how it is designed to improve the appearance of the mission. At this point if the feelings I built on the basis of raw materials, common sense will not solve the problem. For each recycled materials each having a “beautiful personality” to be on the emotional inflection, the kind of recycled material vac tray occurs an effective role.

4. “Refill” of
Each time the packaging is not thrown away, and as a “parent container” to use, with a more convenient packaging of the item to be packed way is to add a so-called “re-fill.” It can be divided into two categories: Replace the packaged goods to supplement the “content change” and switch like chuck parts as “partial replacement.”

In whatever way, the first to seek the parent container is capable of supporting long-term use of the physical durability and performance on the convenience, and get ready a three-step never boring formal design tools.

Second, the replenishment period, whether material to be packaged or on the value must be the same on both, plastic packaging it is necessary for the design of operation by a mark is displayed to facilitate the replacement of the part during the replacement of the contents of Operation is simple. In short, the information and tools to prepare double is necessary.

In addition, there are also worries refill manner. Consumers will be used repeatedly parent container, discarding, and then acquired troubles. As long as the parent container is a formal thing, they will cause a lot of waste, from enterprises to prevent aspiration of course essential, but finally with the consumer’s understanding, attitudes related.

5. Permanent use “to return” of
Once widely popular milk bottles, beer bottles still alive, repeated use of these so-called “to return.” In this manner, in general, in order to seek packaging (containers) the durability tend to use heavier materials, for recycling empty, distribution must be recovered at the same time the transport of more energy-consuming. In addition, cleaning the container also needs energy. Therefore, from the perspective of total energy consumption, you can not generalize and say that all is good.

On the other hand, in this way together with in each case, if the packaging can be returned to maintain the supply, recycling, re-use of this cycle will improve energy efficiency, which clamshell packaging will become an ecological product.

Moreover, whether the green packaging, in each specific case must be judged separately. Generalizations are bad but it is excellent, very dangerous. Should be considered as “there is no good or bad, but exists only in each case whether the right questions.”

To return to the way in, try to exclude the transport of waste caused by the design of the container has become a fundamental issue. If the consumer’s side, like beer bottles so accustomed to using the natural way there is no problem, but if not so, the surface can be returned to take other way, you need some way to take it to be understood.

6. Regeneration can “recycle” of
Recycled into material recycling and energy recovery, material recycling can be divided into two categories: the recycling process open to the entire community of open systems with only one enterprise commodity closed system. Once the latter is a typical camera. Recovered by the camera type clear plastic packaging film store, and then based on the manufacturer of the material to be recovered and reused, at every setting up the manufacturer on a closed recirculation system. Therefore, this type of camera (overlooking the film with lens) is not called “throwaway” and is called “knocking at the end”, which is out of a recycling awareness.

In order to control the plundering of resources, but also developed a recycling method, how to solve the recycling packaging box design issue has become the subject of an era. However, if say in the kind of technology and social system in the main building almost did not play any role in the design can not be considered excessive.

However, the consumer, who lives on the position of design for effective use of recycling technologies to support recycling systems are able to do to a helping hand.

“Material unity” and “easy separation of different material,” are for the recycling-oriented “abandoned easy” of doing to prepare. “Material possibility of regeneration,” adapted to the recycling system and technologies. The above “the use of plastic package recycled materials” is also a kind of support for recycling. In addition, in order to abandon when everyone joined recycled easily and establish a system of signs is also very important.

7. Other “Provincial Energy Strategy,” “Nature Conservation material the use of” etc.
On energy-efficient new packaging materials with ease, while making full play ability is one of the role of design. Similarly, like sugar cane was never used as packing material been subjected to people’s attention, for the utilization of this natural protective material developed and given its unique charm, mostly depends on the design.

Above described several methods of green packaging. Some method is also effective for other methods, they are only connected to each other in order to produce an effect….