One is intuitive – Packaging design is intuitive design, according to statistics: consumers browse merchandise, the residence time in each product does not exceed half a second, even if vac tray such drugs as a high degree of concern goods , residence time to plastic packaging design look packaging design double that in a second time, we turn to tell consumers what? must be designed and intuitive, straightforward, plain simple with bells and whistles are all means of expression, pharmaceutical packaging must be clear, so that consumers on their use at a glance.
Second, the brand is striking – Drug is a special commodity, the product itself features (product size, legally binding) determines its packaging design of some of the rules, because the packaging size small, in the limited display surface, the most prominent element should be the product’s brand name. Making eye-catching brand effect There are many ways: You can magnify the brand clamshell packaging character – Tylenol; can create a strong color contrast – Lamisil; font design can be personalized – CSDP …… Think about these products and let us How do like them, as done in a limited space so that the brand have a strong visual impact, which is indeed the pharmaceutical packaging box design packaging designers placed in front of each challenge.
Thirdly, it is not reflected Benefits and features – the easiest way is to indications placed in plastic trays position behind the brand name, like a lot of cold medicine; Second, the unique product characteristics must be matched by a distinctive visual performance, the most typical clear plastic packaging case is the first “white with black” packaging, on behalf of each day plastic package and night, packaging company black, white screen 1/2 as the base map, brands, products, eye-catching highlight of the screen, reflects daylight white film, black film night unique plastic packaging selling point, a simple and vivid, but I do not know why the changed later with a yellow color packaging, puzzling. I worked plastic packaging box in last year’s Good pharynx Yardley design packaging, the product was called “Yi Yardley licorice throat cool”, the customer has made very clear consumer group orientation – smoking, excessive need throat man, after full argument, the We have set ourselves the task put forward specific requirements: packaging and consumer products to achieve instant communication, that is the first time in the process is linked to products and smokers, so only the “good swallow” naming, With the “love of the pharynx to the people” slogan pun, with the same package structure as cigarette creativity, with the same packaging as enlarging style. Facts have proved that the design and product features of contact is the most effective way to communicate.
Fourth, plastic box there is no creative expression – a word with Goebbels explained: “The first point to convey a world of people is always right”, although not necessarily tested, but often does. After the Tylenol with indications + checkmark to the performance of effective, can be taken after the style to go with the performance of the traditional blue and white, white with black after the split with the color contrast to the performance of the night can be an effective product design concept …… very nice, the shape and even quite similar, but always pick up the market, consumers will forever remember the first time with a new way of expressing the product. Packaging design is the design competition, high degree of homogeneity in the drug today, so innovation performance is the most difficult, requires opportune exaggeration to say, there are distinctive characteristics of the product is the foundation, there is a striking designer luck myself.
Fifth, whether the product identity – the so-called identity, including their ownership, price factors, consumer group orientation, etc., packaging designers should fully analyze product identity and then to work.