At the Shanghai New International Expo Center at the World Fisheries and Seafood Expo debut of the fish Riga point peanuts, chili made ??” Hakka fry “, the fish made ??of candy wrappers peel plastic packaging box and eat …… plastic package , attracted plastic trays a lot of visits those who can not help but try it.

With the accelerated plastic packaging design pace packaging company plastic packaging of life , this instant , convenient seafood processing products will be more and more become a trend in vac tray the development of seafood . ” RTE seafood products of the packaging box design highest realm .” One said as overseas exhibitors to showcase their latest products developed packaging design by RTE , torn bags , pour in the dish also thought it was a Spicy Chicken , look carefully before things are not found inside the red pepper, but one fried shrimp head , shrimp tails, coupled with milky peanuts and emerald green onion , the whole is a dish.

It is understood that , at present, such goods are not sold in Shanghai , but the company already has reached the Shanghai market plan . According to professionals , the added value of processed products to be much higher than the fresh seafood . Exhibitors said a tuna , tuna fillets now sells for 10 yuan per 500 grams , but processed into dried fish clamshell packaging floss , its price is 32 yuan per 500 grams plastic box , if processed into fish, fruit , the price is up to each 500 g 50. High value-added so many producers turned to look at a variety of processed products. With the accelerated pace of life , these seafood processing products market will gradually enlarge .