With the development of national economy and people’s living standards rising , the rapid development of China’s beverage industry , especially soft drinks , it has already grown to soda from a single vegetable juice , fruit juice, tea, mineral water and other beverages. Beverage packaging industry also will appear diversification trend .


Currently, there have been a variety of drinks on the market big bottle packaging products, and the price dropped a lot . In the major vac tray supermarkets, a large number of 1.25L-2.5L bottled water, clamshell packaging juice, carbonated drinks , etc. are exhibited conspicuous place at the counter , plastic package and the price is a downward trend.


Cluster PACKAGE ORDER canned drinks become a cheap, easy to carry items. Commercially canned beverages cluster Packing mostly 12 , 24 a group of the most common. Such as Sunkist soda cluster Packing is a group of three , with three plastic plastic packaging design ring stuck three bottles of packaging company drinks, each ring has serrations inside packaging box design , stuck in the bottleneck , fixed effect , with a plastic sheet a handle for easy pick consumers clear plastic packaging .

Hand bomb
One kind of similar to a bottle of hand playing sports functional beverage packaging in the United States popular. This specially designed 8.4 oz bottle is designed by the German . Top ring pull bottle cap packaging design like plastic packaging real silver metal ring-pull hand bombs . Australia, a manufacturer of motor function drinks on the use of such packaging , into the U.S. market, soon caused a plastic box strong reaction from consumers .

February 2004 , the first Taiwan -made PE automatic high-speed folder gluer , plastic packaging box high frequency , hot air welding plastic trays technology to produce milk, juice drinks roof package complete production line from Wenzhou Tianlong Plastic Enterprise Group successfully developed and put into market. Roof package whole plant equipment investment, technical difficulty , involving equipment and more . The company after eight years of research and development before they succeed ? Sterile plastic roofing paper and plastic bags, used for juice, milk beverage packaging , shelf life of up to 5-15 days ; paper plastic type 6 layers of sterile roof package UHT sterilization , for milk, juice packaging, shelf life of up to 6-8 months.

In the beverage market , transparent plastic packaging has become a trend . And transparent PP resin but also for its excellent price -performance ratio , the most general way to use packaging materials. To make more transparent and highly PP gloss, transparency must be added nucleating agent. Many food and beverage manufacturers have switched to using this transparent PP, and bring some economic benefits.