According to well-known consulting firm Helmut Kaiser a new survey , only in the food and beverage packaging industry , in 2004 global sales of nanotechnology products as high as 860 U.S. plastic packaging box dollars , while in 2002 , global sales of nanotechnology products only 150 , 000,000 .

Helmut Kaiser ‘s investigators say , food and beverage packaging industry $ 100 billion market space , so the nano package also has a huge market potential , they predict the next decade will be a quarter of the food packaging companies using nanotechnology .
Kaiser company said nanotechnology is widely applied, to promote the rapid growth of nanotechnology market . Nano on the market three years ago, less than 40 kinds of products , now has more than 250 kinds . In the field of food and beverage packaging , application of nanotechnology to improve the packaging materials, prolong life , improve food quality, to achieve antibacterial breathable packaging , multi-functional intelligent packaging is replacing traditional packaging .

Nanotechnology at the molecular packaging company scale can change the structure of the packaging material . Using different nanostructures, plastic packaging also allows water and gases through vac tray , which meets the fruits, vegetables , beverages, wine and other food packaging requirements. Nanotechnology also enables packaging material has a dark flame retardant plastic package insulation function .

Consulting staff also told reporters , nano structural changes can extend the life of food , keep food original color and flavor , to prevent the invasion of bacteria and microorganisms , to ensure food safety plastic box . Nanosensors implanted inside the packaging , consumers will be able to see whether the deterioration of foods and food nutrients.

In another study , Helmut Kaiser expects producers would change the molecular atom using nanotechnology to design plastic trays new foods. Helmut Kaiser Company expects nanotechnology food market will grow from today’s $ 2.6 billion development of the next year ‘s $ 7 billion by 2010 will grow to $ 20.4 billion . Global 200 companies active in nanotechnology research and development of products . Currently the plastic packaging design United States is packaging box design a leader in clear plastic packaging this , followed by Japan and China , in packaging design 2010 Asia will become the largest market for nano- food .

Nano- biotechnology plastic packaging and food industry packaging will have a huge impact , Helmut Kaiser company said that only humane, to meet customer requirements for products in order to win the future .

Improve food safety and quality is just the first step in nanotechnology , there are now 180 nanotechnology applications being developed , one of the few already on the market . Kaiser company said the company has been aware of the advantages of nanotechnology products , the establishment of R & D institutions clamshell packaging , new products are being developed , the huge market potential to attract more and more competitors enter into this new field.