In recent years, Japanese packaging blow molding machines on the market, plastic packaging box low-cost product sales relatively well.

plastic package In Japan, the packaging design beverage packaging cost is higher, about 20% of the cost of the product, leading to high prices of beverages. 350ml beverage prices will $ 1. In this regard, in order to enhance market competitiveness, beverage packaging company plastic packaging design manufacturers to minimize the cost of the product, the use vac tray of lower-priced packaging production equipment such as stretch blow molding machine has become one of the measures.

Accordingly, stretch blow molding machine packaging box design industry in Japan is plastic box also lower production clear plastic packaging costs blowing in the breeze. For example, to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, Nissei ASB Machine’s strategy is to increase production, improve sales. Currently, its products, while improving machine performance, the price has been reduced plastic packaging from 25% to 30%. Again, the Japanese stretch blow molding machine supplier AOKi’s new three-position “NOTE – pull – blow” injection molding machine, low energy plastic trays consumption but clamshell packaging due versatile, affordable, and thus in the packaging machinery market depth popular.