Turning vac tray waste into treasure, renewable resources, is to implement the scientific concept of development, the establishment of a resource-saving society works good, should be vigorously promoted. However, the resource “regeneration” is also required, not blindly “regeneration.” June 3, Hunan Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection Corps and Changsha City Bureau of Quality Supervision plastic packaging design law enforcement packaging design officers investigated a recycled waste plastics processing food packaging container case, the scene of such poor quality food seized 40,000 bottles only. Law enforcement officers are currently on the flow of the product plastic package for further investigation.

This processing dens located plastic packaging company packaging in Changsha City institute road, name is Pearl Yuhua District, plastic processing plants, legal representative called Liling Ming. Reporter with the law enforcement officers came here to clamshell packaging see, warehouse stacked with a large variety of food packaging containers, such as costumes, candy, pickles with a plastic bucket, dressed drink beverage bottles; production area on the other side, filled with recycled to the waste plastics, including various waste food packaging containers, non-food packaging packaging box design containers, industrial plastic, etc., and some have been broken into granules; one machine being melted these granular waste plastic, emitting a pungent blame flavor. Site supervision and enforcement of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau Deputy Director said late Rhone, recycling of waste plastics can be processed into other products, but it can not be used plastic packaging box to processed food containers. Ministry of Health issued a “food with plastic products plastic box and raw materials health management approach” In this regard there are clearly defined.

Reporters checked this legislation, Article VII of this is clear plastic packaging clearly defined: “Where the processing of plastic utensils, containers, food packaging materials, shall not use recycled plastic.” Regulations is November 26, 1990 promulgated the. Now, however, many people are not aware of this requirement, see the recycling, he cried, said yes. According to the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection Detachment captain Zhang Lian introduced since January this year, they dealt with a lot of such cases, even worse is that individual companies also use recycled syringes, IV bags and other medical waste processed food plastic trays containers. By the end of March, they investigated a bucket with waste plastics processing cases dealt with two factory, the scene found a total of more than 7,000 low-quality barrel. Factory production of these two buckets, Changsha market accounted for 60% of the buckets.