With the continuous development of science and technology and innovation in recent years, plastic bottles in the pharmaceutical packaging market has plastic packaging box made significant progress .

Industry experts predict that over the next five years , the global pharmaceutical packaging market will plastic box become the second largest economy in the growth industry of plastic bottles , and China will become the fastest plastic packaging plastic packaging design growing pharmaceutical plastic bottles clear plastic packaging points . 2050 China will become the world’s largest pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging market .

As the plastic bottle packaging products has its own unique advantages in the form of pharmaceutical packaging and therefore constantly changing , the original paper bags , plastic bags , glass bottles have been developed to polyethylene plastic bottles, PP bottles, PET bottles , plastic packaging and other plastic bottle form , and hood strip composite film packaging and packaging will become mainstream pharmaceutical packaging of solid dosage forms .

At the same time , more problems environmental protection, vac tray safety, health , etc. also will be closely watched by the community. To be able to adapt to changes in consumer awareness of environmental protection clamshell packaging , packaging design pharmaceutical packaging companies have embarked on “green” packaging plastic trays development , are: green reusable packaging, environmental regulation packaging, high barrier packaging, aseptic packaging , antimicrobial packaging.