First, the label design should be standardized

According to our observations, the label is too large injection , the vial surface area of more than 8o%, the color is too bright , and simple packaging , the drug name is not clear or ampoule off easily , this phenomenon is common to a patient in the former can not determine the color of the liquid is normal, see anomalies liquids , such as mold , fiber, color point , white point , especially small bottle gap , seriously affecting the quality of care , and may result in unnecessary medical disputes. The recommended drug manufacturers should label design specifications , size is generally clear plastic packaging 40% to 30% of the surface area of the bottle better, not the vac tray whole ring surrounded by drugs themselves easy to observe the color quality ; imported drugs not only have Chinese manual control , the best label there , the most prominent is the Chinese name should not foreign names.

Second, the instructions should be accurate and complete

Press the ” Drug Administration Law ” stipulates that medicines must be accompanied by instructions , the instructions have names on drugs , specification, approval number, batch number , expiry date, the main explanation , indications, usage, dosage , contraindications , side effects and precautions . There are some instructions on the production batch number , batch number printed on the kit just the sides or other parts , cast a fixed batch number printed on the manual entry , in the course to find that lot , a waste of time . Some manual or kit , the failure of the label with “expdate” that he did not know a foreign language is difficult to know the expiration date . plastic packaging box An indication of the general validity of the use of many years , users must be informed of drugs has been calculated whether the failure , which is very convenient plastic trays in use , it is recommended to indicate the validity of the ” New Year’s dinner and a day, a month .” Many sustained-release tablets are not well described in detail using manual methods , chew some patients after taking sustained-release and controlled release of packaging design no effect , and even cause high blood concentration of a ” peak A ” phenomenon and side effects , and even poisoning. Drug safety manual is clamshell packaging to guide medication errors to avoid an important basis for the accident , in medicine is legally meaningless. Countries in the world for the contents of the package insert requirements, such as the Australian -made capsule instructions on enalapril , including name and structure, properties, pharmacological effects , absorption, distribution, elimination , indications, usage and dosage , contraindications, adverse reactions, precautions , specifications , packaging, storage, use deadlines 17 content, drug use root reference value . The majority of our production is only 5 package insert content , too simple. With international standards for pharmaceutical packaging . Well as to more clearly understand the use of drugs , drug instructions should be detailed. Really achieve the purpose of guiding the station manager medication .

Third, drug packaging should consider plastic packaging the needs of special groups

Special group refers to children, the elderly , however, forget that the big drug consumer groups, has long been a common phenomenon in clinical medicine is to split the drug as a treatment for adult drug . This method of medication , on the one hand increase the chance of contamination ; on the other hand can not only save the remaining drugs and medicines to abandon the drawbacks wasted resources, but also increase the economic burden of the patient’s current medical resources in China is still very limited case . Is a great pity . Therefore, clinical medicine can not simply age, body weight as a reference to separate adult dose , if a nurse during the operation slightest mistake, it is difficult to accurately dose or waste resulting drugs. In addition , the use of the drug division , tend to lose some of the specific effects of drugs such as protection , shelter gaze , controlled release, isolation , not only reduces the effect plastic box of drug treatment , fork increased adverse drug reactions . Current , lI plastic packaging design Fou bed to meet specific groups of pharmaceutical packaging is very limited. This serious lag . Extremely unfavorable clinical child needs medication , but also with China accounted for 10% of the elderly population in the social misfits of medication needs . Therefore, the development of new varieties suitable homes for children and the elderly medication , new formulations , new specifications has become imperative.