Soft Capsule package is the second tablets, hard capsules , pills, oral liquid formulations developed a new type of health food formulations. Soft capsules can powdered oils and oily suspensions quantitative or functional substance encapsulated in the injection pressure and the film forming plastic packaging sizes and shapes , sealed capsules , with excellent isolation of light , vac tray and oxygen , and good visual effects .

Our health food packaging used previously , there are many capsules, but in terms of appearance or packaging quality , and there are gaps in the international market . Thanks to new applications soft capsule production technology , China’s health care package in terms of materials, colors, shapes , etc. greatly improved , thereby increasing the weight of a leading international market , health food is its soft capsules overwhelming advantage in the health food industry has gradually become the “boss .”

Soft Capsule health food , mostly driven , a natural plant plastic packaging box extract active ingredients , high purity , high nutritional value , for oily or oily suspensions and powdered materials , soft capsule is the most suitable dosage form . Compared with other formulations , the soft clear plastic packaging capsule plastic trays has several distinct advantages :

First, the soft capsule package with good isolation , can light, packaging design oxygen -sensitive functional materials with air , light, isolated, to avoid oxidation of the active substance , the content of the product remain stable in the clamshell packaging period, to ensure the effectiveness of play .

Second, soft capsules accurate, fast absorption . By the quantitative filling machine soft capsules , the dose error is small, every consumer food intake stable. Soft capsules disintegrated in the body , the contents in liquid form can be quickly absorbed by the body .

Third, soft capsule appearance of new products , attractive, very attractive to consumers and novelty .

Fourth, the soft capsule smooth surface , good taste, easy to swallow , and to prevent counterfeiting.

Fifth, bring security , convenience food . Like the perfect soft sand garlic capsules in the box comes with a particularly small portable hard case , when they go out separately according to the amount of pets , and squeeze hard box packaging to prevent crushing, carry a very small dose of safety, suitable for consumers while taking daily home use , plastic box but also take care of the people go on vacation , travel and outdoor work .

Health care products manufacturing soft capsules strict requirements for rubber material . The main components of the plastic packaging design perfect sand garlic soft capsule shell gelatin , glycerin and water, without any harm to human health . Gelatin is a protein that has been widely used in the pharmaceutical and food products. Many everyday foods, jelly , candy, etc. by gelatin ; Glycerin is derived from corn , potato and honey and other raw materials , is a widely used , safe food additive. Therefore , the perfect soft sand garlic capsules shell itself is very safe edible materials.