Beautifully plastic packaging designed candy packaging
First, candy packaging material used in a wide range of printing colorful candy now have Gold paper packaging materials , high-grade copper paper, thin cardboard , silk and plastic . To put more beautifully decorated candy , ribbons and sticks are also widely used in packaging . Not the meaning of candy sugar , while in hi. The traditional candy packaging confined Rounds colors, this package has plastic packaging design now consumers are no longer vac tray subject . It requires more colorful candy packaging . Southern China, both in the type of packaging material , or the range of choice of ink colors and more than the north . In addition , the South than the North Indian market from a flexible , free from restrictions on the size of the purchase amount . Even in the off-season , such as candy sales 7,8,9 months , plastic trays production can proceed normally.

Second, the packaging design forms the mainland ‘s candy packaging affected Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions of the lot , candy packaging of various shapes : there are lanterns type basket type , sedan type , type bags , purse type , heart type , etc. there are some combinations of packaging, packaging mainly based on a combination of these different Zodiac newcomers to design a personalized packaging and grouped plastic packaging box together . Excellent candy candy packaging design became the biggest selling point .

Third, candy packaging life cycle is short as people ‘s living standards improve, people have higher requirements for candy . So update speed candy packaging accelerated. In addition , counterfeit products are also one of the main candy packaging a short life cycle . DCH on clamshell packaging children’s food plant, the production of each series are its unique personalized design by the majority of consumers. But to make corporate distress is on the market will soon be some similarities candy packaging products appear . To this end , DCH children each year to develop their own food plant design up to thirty kinds of personalized candy packaging, and strive to achieve leading candy packaging ” clear plastic packaging fashion ” effect.

Fourth, candy packaging material costs briefed reporters than plastic box Mr. Gao , candy investment in human and material resources significantly higher than other confectionery products , candy packaging more than the cost of packaging design inputs in the third of the total investment , while the ordinary candy only quarter . High value-added packaging to bring the return of high profits. What’s more candy packaging but also for enterprises to promote the brand culture , promotional products play a very important role.