Processing of fish products including fish cutting, fish enrobing syrup or drag surfaces such as pulp processing technology is still under development. clear plastic packaging The steak ( or fish ) frozen become flat block , then sawn roads , drag and re- order batter bread crumbs, fried last about one minute . Fried Fish can make color appearance , but not the central portion of the ice melted . The excess fat removed, be packaged and re- frozen fish . Such clamshell packaging packaging of processed fish products , can be 12 um thick polyester film in horizontal molding – fill – seal packaging machine into a pillow shape. The back surface of the plastic film processing and printing through spark and contact 50um thick polyethylene film composite . This composite structure beautify the printing effect , printing inks and protect against friction loss. Moreover, two single film vac tray substrate over a wide temperature range , each having different properties and resistance to puncture packaging design isolation performance , plays the role of effective protection during transportation, stacking and plastic packaging box sales counters in supermarkets .

Tray can also be used for fish products, packaging , carton with shrink film wrapping at the surface . Compensate and improve the protective properties of the package. By shrink-wrapped tray into play later, and then every four stretch film into a bale , each loaded 48 a carton , the carton ( ten boxes around ) mounted on a pallet with stretch film bind tightly for handling shipments . Many varieties of fish and shellfish have been cooking and processing, and sales of frozen preserved . For example breaded fish sticks , scallops , clams , oysters , shrimp , lobster, crab , fish cake fin tuna stuffing , TV dinners fish. Roll and wrap the fish processed cuttings usually waxed paper wrapping plastic packaging and carton packaging, cartons inside liner parchment . Fish sauce products plastic box containing polyester film using cooking bags made ??of plastic packaging design polyethylene plastic . Such bags can be cooked in boiling water . Packaging with printed cartons . Fish meal used television stuffing made ??of aluminum foil packaging shallow dish or shallow dish , then loaded plastic trays printed tray. Metal hose used for packing salmon and other fish and woke fish sauce. Soviet-style fish appetizer dish is using glass bottles and metal cans. Sometimes this type of fish food is two three species mix and mediator diced green onion, carrots, bread and a variety of non-fermented seasonings . The fish is usually mixed haddock, white hake and intends Yong butterflies and other varieties.