Once harvested mushroom shall neatly in a small low emissions loaded containers and sent for processing as soon as possible cryogenic plant . Long container , width and height is 40 cm, 8 cm , 16 cm , and its shape, such as crates , solid bottom plate , surrounded by the default of 2 to 3 cm diameter hole , plug in the bottom corners are shrinking corner pieces plastic trays in order to code the high layers. Mushroom harvesting head when Shun emissions , can not make end to end , in order to avoid contamination. Low temperature workshop is 1 ~ 3 , can use an ordinary cold storage temperature transformation. Mushroom boxes plastic packaging box after moving into vac tray the workshop kept separately , no further codes plastic packaging design of high multi-layer, in order to fully cool Guti , harvest the links for temperatures above 15 mushroom is particularly important. Tools need to be prepared for the thin stainless steel knife and a small knife or bamboo packaging sealing, tank equipment.

Cut with a knife mushroom base net , remove the soil, the base material and other debris should be removed by multi- scale , generally without washing , otherwise it will shorten the shelf life.

Guti can be dispensed when the internal cooling to below 3 . Making available the general texture of the foam material into about 5 cm high plastic box single box , pack about 150 grams of fresh mushroom loaded . If the ban on packaging design sales of plastic packaging , paper boxes can be customized . Coprinus suitable for 16 cm 10ס 4 cm in size packaging, Agaricus suitable for 15 cm 10ס 6 cm in size packaging, marmoreus , clear plastic packaging poplar mushrooms and other suitable 16 cm 8ס 4 cm in size packaging . Way to determine the emission specifications in accordance with plastic packaging mushroom shape and size , and then wrap the packet . Finally, the small package fresh cartridge into the foam box , each box can hold 36 boxes, with transparent tape sealing Serve.

In addition, short-term storage and transportation can be used fresh or clamshell packaging refrigerated ice cool car transport, refrigerated temperature controlled at 1 ~ 3 .