Analysis of plastic packaging liquid food packaging
With the rapid development of China’s beverage, dairy and other liquid food industry , liquid food packaging industry also entered a rapid development period , and gradually formed the current market paper , plastic, glass and metal packaging industry four Material mainstream competition . This material Youyi four plastic bags , PET plastic bottles, paper packaging , glass plastic trays bottles and cans that several major packaging based.

Canadean Consulting ‘s data show that the market share point of view , 1) PET plastic bottles account for more than 20% share ; 2 ) aluminum cans, plastic bags and sterile pasteurized brick paper packaging each 10% -20 % share ; 3 ) glass bottles, plastic bottles secondary sterilization and aseptic bags each 5% -9% share. The following materials will be different qualitative comparative analysis of the characteristics of packaging products :

Compared with plastic bottles , glass bottles, bricks -and pillow vac tray -type paper Tetra Pak , roof bag, etc. , the volume rate is relatively clamshell packaging large, and plastic packaging design this package shape easier packing, transportation and storage. While the outer layer of paper packaging paper products according to different demands of printing different patterns , patterns and so packaging design on .

Compared to other quality materials packaging products , PET plastic bottles are cheap, transparency, air tightness, good compressive strength and easy to shape type . It solves the bottle-shaped glass container design , safety , transportation and other issues, but also to avoid the shapes set of metal containers
Meter , opaque and other issues. The above and many other features to make it more widely used in beverage packaging.

But easy to pull cans in the beverage market , especially in the main market position plastic packaging box in the carbonated drinks market still can not be replaced by other quality materials products .

Although a variety of materials packaging products , each with the market, clear plastic packaging plastic box but with the advent of PET plastic bottles technologies continue to improve and upgrade the product, coupled with the needs of the modern consumer to carry and convenient beverage improvement , PET plastic bottles are gradually eroded other packaging product market share.

Can be expected to compete in different categories of liquid food packaging products tend intense , sterile plastic bags will carve aseptic pillow type paper packaging market share of whole milk ; high-density polyethylene plastic bottles will compete roof type paper packaging lactic acid bacteria drinks, yogurt such as the market share of products ; plastic bottles will also share aseptic juice drinks share and so on.