Denmark is located in Wisconsin ‘s BelGioioso Cheese since 1979 began production of natural Italian cheeses , and its products have won several awards . Today, all of its sliced ??cheese products are used by Curwood ( produced a new easy-open packaging.

The launch in early 2007 , high-quality sliced ??cheese products changed before tearing open bags of the way , using the Curwood ‘s Curpolene ? 7202 film as well as a bag IntegraScore ? technology , which is designed to open the package provides a stable cheese and reliable method. This device can be turned horizontally to ensure that the packaging was neatly torn , very convenient , and with a tamper-evident seal vac tray zipper or hood .

Errico Auricchio BelGioioso Cheese ‘s founder and president , said: ” We are always looking for a way to not only improve the quality of our packaging , but packaging design will not affect our cheese
Quality . “The company ‘s high-quality cheese production and packaging plant at its Denmark and Pulaski , Wisconsin , USA facility . Curwood ‘s cheese marketing manager Dave Engen will Curpolene 7202 plastic packaging film described as a double layer of 2.6 mil oriented polyester layer extrusion pressure is compounded into a layer of ethylene patent – vinyl alcohol copolymer / nylon coextruded on materials that can provide excellent thermal insulation and wear resistance , and excellent processability, and be able to smoked Italian cheese like (Provolone) and cheddar cheese (Cheddar) sliced ??cheese such as anaerobic and to provide good sealing aesthetics plastic trays . Curpolene film Series also provides sufficient rigidity , and can be isolated from the outside contamination and impurities , become an attractive stickers shaped packaging, the product can be firmly fixed to ensure that plastic packaging design the slice or block cheese does not stick to the package above . another advantage is prominent aroma and oxygen tightness of this film , you can prevent odor and extend shelf life.

The film is said to BelGioioso will put all of its structural products used in cheese slices . Cheese packaging IntegraScore open bag technology allows consumers to easily be used to protect packaged in resealable zipper cover tamper-evident once removed. The cover is easily removed, consumers only need to open the bag crossed along the exact unsealed bags outside edge of the thin film layer can be peeled off . This package can be torn along a straight line , so that the opening is very neat. Instead of tearing through the use of IntegraScore, BelGioioso can also reduce debugging time and reduce waste , and increase machine speed.

Curwood five-color flexo printing using these films for cheese packaging materials , the above with BelGioioso brand identity , American and Italian flag stamp pattern , red BelGioioso trademarks and nutrition information . This film is excellent in transparency , the inside of the cheese texture and color clearly visible , which greatly increases the attractiveness of the store shelves . Meanwhile, resealable zipper allows cheese has been preserved in this package , without the need to replace other sealed packaging, clamshell packaging so that the product refrigerated shelf life of six to nine months period , BelGioioso brand will always remain in the consumer’s among vision .

IntegraScore technical structure of this package is used BelGioioso ‘s multiple cheese products, including 8 ounces sliced ??Asiago retail packaged cheeses (Asiago), Italian smoked cheese (Provolone) and cheddar cheese (Cheddar). It can be completely covered resealable fastener part , so that the whole package to maintain a vacuum sealed plastic box state. The company asked the tamper-evident seal is completely and open the bag device is completely sealed . Curwood said vacuum seal to prevent flex cracking and deterioration of natural cheese oil .

As IntegraScore bag opening device specifically how to be added up to the film belongs to the patented technology , but Engen said, before the film was sent to clear plastic packaging the packing plant BelGioioso the device has been added to the film were plastic packaging box . Curwood has already done in advance of the open side of the bag open the bag crossed and IntegraScore oriented system, and it is added to the pre- film material into a roll , so that customers can effortlessly , without making any changes , it can be made of easy-open packaging .

According Auricchio , said means for the functionality of this packaging is critical , and this is on a heroic horizontal forming / filling / sealing apparatus of production.

IntegraScore technology has received several awards from the Flexible Packaging Association (Flexible Packaging Association, It can be used for packaging such as packaging BelGioioso resealable packaging , the package can also be used with the fastener package. This technique can also be used for vertical and traditional bags, and various layered structures.