As people ‘s living standards improve , Dairy its rich nutritional value and health care function to be welcomed. The dairy

packaging as an integral part of the dairy products , the impact of the development of the dairy industry.

HDPE blow containers using liquid milk, portable, light weight, low cost, and HDPE bottles with good impact resistance ,

shatter-resistant , leak-proof , reusable lid opening and closing , recyclable and many other advantages , which developed

rapidly in the dairy field .
In the past 25 years, Mexico, Canada, UK, Australia, and South Africa and other countries have increased from dairy packaging

paper , glass products into plastic packaging. In the United States , 0.5 to 1 gallon HDPE liquid milk packaging , most of them

use the blowing system processing.

Processing advantages to increase productivity

Compared with ordinary Shuttle machine ( reciprocating equipment ) , low production costs Uniloy Milacron ‘s Recip series blow

molding machine , the mold cavity number is high, short production cycle . For example : blown 1L volume within the cycle time

of the control in the HDPE bottles 5s ~ 6s, can greatly improve the yield of the entire apparatus. The device can be produced



The system works in a constantly rotating screw plasticizing process, after a cycle when the system needs blanks to screw

injection molding technology to replace traditional extrusion billet technology. Meanwhile, the device also uses a simple and

unique clamping structure , as well as closed-loop computer control system.


The materials of the device except for the high -density polyethylene (HDPE) , as well as low density polyethylene (LDPE),

polypropylene (PP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and the like. Produced products can be applied in liquid milk , flavored milk ,

soy milk, liquid fermented milk , juice , water, tea drinks and other beverages and packaging .

N2N production model

Recip series reciprocating device can support two preforms with mouth to mouth (neck to neck) in a manner extrusion die

simultaneously , thereby enabling the production doubled , increasing productivity. In this way, users without the need to

increase the device model you can get double the product output. This production method is applicable to non- handle bottles,

the volume between 50ml ~ 1000ml, production of plastic bottles sterile products , can be directly filling operation . Position

of the bottle can be placed according to the needs of different users in the top center of the bottle , you can also place in

the top corner .

Meanwhile , the series blowing machine provides a complete production system or part of the device according to the different

requirements of users, the entire system including the blowing equipment , molds, edging system , crushing systems, cooling ,

and transmission systems.
Market prospects

The face of increasingly fierce market competition , many dairy companies dairy packaging requirements are also increasing, for

example, is rich in vitamins on the market a lot of dairy products, in order to maintain its nutrients are not light, the sun

and other damage , packaging plus a UV requirements within the sidewall spacer layer to light , especially UV light and oxygen

with shielding . In Europe, in France, for example , since 1990, through the use of multi-layer co-extruded HDPE packaging UHT

milk products , product market share is growing, multi-layer HDPE plastic bottles have occupied nearly 70 percent of dairy

products packaging market . Recip Reciprocating series is also to meet market needs , will soon realize the three co-extruded .

At present, many domestic customers and can not achieve maximum energy output limit Recip Reciprocating Series devices , thus

resulting in a waste of resources, but also limits the space for the development of the equipment in the country . Uniloy

Milacron company has started to produce and launch a small device to suit the needs of the domestic production of small and

medium sized customers , and the gradual development of PET material production technology.