With the improvement of the national economic development and urban and rural residents , and fresh milk has become a favorite

of urban and rural residents dairy . Only case Dingxiang County Business Council survey of view, on the local market, there are

a dozen fresh dairy milk brand.

However, this is more than a dozen brands of fresh milk packaging is almost as if from a person ‘s hand , thousands of people

face . Comprehensive consumer recommendations , fresh milk packaging following aspects should be improved.
First, the opening should be located . Throughout the fresh milk packaging market, basically all the seals. Drinking at home ,

needed scissors ; If you are on the road, the fields of drinking , had to use his teeth to tear , neither health, dental and

easily hurt , so it is better to set up the opening .
Second, we should set children wear . It is understood that many farmers now after weaning a child , like your child to drink

fresh milk . But the fresh milk market has not children wear . So kids drinking inconvenient.
Again, Liang Ming “identity .” From the perspective of the situation on the dairy market , the market is a lot of milk cartons ,

the production date and shelf life are ” see the package .” Remove the cardboard paper tape only when consumers buy , in order

to see the production date and expiration date on the package . Repeated several times, the paper will lose sticky tape , is

somewhat cumbersome .
Today’s dairy market has been very fierce competition , manufacturers, merchants from time to time on the gift issue, if more

convenient for consumers and some thought in terms of it not better to drink .