China’s research in the 1970s began to cooked meat and other packaging technologies , soft canned material mainly consists of PET / AL / CPP three composite , and transparent retort pouches from PET / CPP or PA / CPP based. As good canned soft barrier properties of aluminum foil and dark , soft canned meat vacuum-packed can be stored at room temperature after six high-temperature sterilization – 12 months. Plus convenient packaging to carry, easy to open ; so there is a certain consumer market , the product has Tibang ; chicken , duck and other Chinese traditional meat and poultry products . Due to the high temperature sterilization , the flavor deterioration , texture Sulan , canned flavor is cooking bags and soft canned a common problem , to some extent, limit the development of such markets packaging products . PET / CPP or PA / CPP floor material transparent retort pouch does not nest because the barrier packaging easy to oxidative deterioration of meat , so the shelf life is not long . Vacuum packaging for meat popular abroad packaging technology . Currently transparent high barrier packaging materials is the focus of international development , such as MXD6 nylon , EVOH composite film and silicon oxide (SiOx) film deposition development series , so that the display and protection of goods greatly improved, ultra-high temperature sterilization development and application of high pressure sterilization and irradiation , microwave sterilization and other new technologies for application of these materials provide a handy , we should pay attention to these good transparency, high barrier flexible packaging materials song development .

??Aseptic packaging and semi- aseptic packaging

Aseptic packaging and semi- aseptic packaging technology first developed in the Western-style meat products, using sterile flexible packaging materials , in the sterile environment of processed meat products after sterilization packaging can keep food in the maximum original flavor . Products at low flow conditions , western round legs, side legs and Western-style meat slices aseptic processing because of the solid food is difficult , so most of the semi- aseptic packaging technology , packaging materials EVOH, PVDC, PE, PA and other composite materials made ??of co-extruded high barrier multilayer film or sheet , such as sterile , shrink film also use more complex in sterile packaging. Chinese products in the aseptic packaging , semi- aseptic packaging technology needs further development and research . Such technology breakthroughs , will remain authentic Chinese meat flavor, extend shelf life, has a very broad application prospects .

??Pasteurization packaging

The next few years China will vigorously develop the low-temperature meat , which is a key technology LTMP shelf technology , low temperature meat products due to maintain maximum nutrition and flavor : more and more favored by the market .

One of the key LTMP shelf packaging pasteurization technology is rapidly cooled after the packaging that the product is heated and then after pasteurization to eliminate the packaging process