As the saying goes “seven talent packaging design , three dressed ,” cigarette products is also true. Good packaging not only make cigarette products vac tray to win more customers and consumers , but also to expand the market for its space . However , in recent years, some domestic cigarette packaging products too extravagant , far plastic trays more than the package should function . The author believes that this approach not only raise the cost of production of cigarette products, but also caused a certain degree of waste, therefore , appropriate packaging of tobacco products should be clamshell packaging promoted .

First, a modest package of cigarettes is building a conservation -oriented society , the need for conservation-oriented enterprises , is a concrete manifestation of safeguarding national interests and the interests of consumers . Cigarette manufacturers too much emphasis on cigarette packaging , which inevitably increases the unnecessary investment plastic packaging design in technology, materials, funds, resulting in a waste of resources. If cigarette manufacturers according to market demand , using the appropriate form of packaging , you can reduce the production cost of cigarette products, improve plastic box the economic efficiency of enterprises , but also to reduce the burden on consumers. Whether it is doing to the country, consumers , or on clear plastic packaging their own , are a good thing.

Second, cigarette packaging is moderately stable domestic Chinese cigarette market , the need to plastic packaging open up foreign markets . Currently, foreign cigarette packaging products are mostly focused on improving plastic packaging box the design level , lower packaging costs. Cigarette packaging costs some developed countries accounted for only about 15% of production costs , and some of our domestic cigarette packaging costs actually account for 25-40% of production costs in this regard only to lose the cigarette to compete with foreign cost advantage.

The face of intense domestic and international competition in the market situation, the domestic cigarette production enterprises should attach great importance to the issue of cigarette packaging moderate , and strive to reduce packaging costs , thus contributing to the sustained and healthy development of China’s tobacco industry .