January of this year, Gansu Province, Dingxi potato chips in a food factory to be listed , however, the factory has the product there is a strange smell found during quality inspection. It smells kind of like the taste of home decoration .

To find the reason , the factory did a variety of experiments , from raw materials to seasonings have been detected , but had not found the root of the problem, finally, is a friend of Lanzhou University in the chemistry lab work , to help them plastic packaging box analyze the find smell from the bags of potato chips , but can not analyze what specific material packaging bag .

The bags of potato chips from a company called Plastic Color Printing Co., Ltd. , Lanzhou HongYu custom . After receiving a complaint, Lanzhou City Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection Team conducted a quick sampling of the submission of these products , in the food laboratory Products Quality Inspection Center of plastic packaging Gansu Province , after more than seven hours of analysis and testing , and finally determine the odor from benzene residue in the packaging bag .

” Benzene ” – one of the state ‘s second-class carcinogen , is mainly used as a solvent paints , building materials, printing and other industries , from dilution and help the drying effect. But for the food packaging products, clearly defined national standards , the residual amount of product per square meter shall not be more than 3.0 mg of benzene , and the measured value of the sample reached 9.7 mg.

Reporters followed quality supervision inspectors came to the Maryland HongYu Plastic Color Printing Co., Ltd. . When the quality supervision staff to come up with potato chips packaging film benzene residues exceeding three times the inspection report , the production supervisor had to admit that they added a benzene solvent in the production of potato chips packaging film .

Rain rainbow color scale of production and sales company in Lanzhou counterparts also considered one of the best , how will the situation benzene residues exceeding it ? Bureau of Quality Supervision inspectors sensitive realized that this event is not just the case may be , they decided to organize a special spot within the city .

On April 26 launched special checks , the quality supervision inspectors identified seven randomized producing composite plastic food packaging film color printing business, every company was extracted from the two samples for inspection. Test results show that seven samples had residues exceeding five benzene clear plastic packaging was detected , involving the beef jerky, powdered milk , candy , stewed tofu, potato chips, five kinds of food packaging , the most serious is a named Gansu Senjie Limited production of milk powder packaging bags, benzene residue even exceed more than 10 times the national standard , if put into production , the equivalent of the milk into a toxic pockets.

With the assistance of Qinghai Province Quality and Technical Supervision , the reporter finally found a valley located in the town of Kawaguchi Minhe dairy plant , found in a warehouse for nearly 50,000 toxic milk powder bags have not had time to use.

Senjie company in the end is how to produce ? These ten-fold excess of the national standard of benzene from where it? To further identify the reasons , the reporter came plastic box Senjie packaging company. When we asked how the product will be left so much as benzene , company boss frankly say that this is a process requirements.

Reporters followed Gansu, Qinghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu four provinces , more than a dozen different color plastic production scale enterprises were investigated. By investigative reporter learned that, in order to quickly too thick ink printed on plastic plastic trays film, production , companies need to add a starting dilution and promote the plastic packaging design role of the mixed solvent in the ink dried . Toluene , methyl ethyl ketone , acetic acid acetate , isopropyl alcohol , etc. are the deployment of basic raw materials mixed solvents. In the reporter ‘s investigation of these companies, regardless of size , they are regarded as the main raw material for the deployment of toluene solvent mixture , but the proportion of the added somewhat different.

In the survey found that for benzene residue hazards, business owners have to understand very clearly , but the method of control for each enterprise residual benzene was very different. Like these larger companies , usually with high-speed printing equipment and powerful ventilation system to reduce the residual benzene , but such devices to several millions or even tens of millions can be equipped with : a small and relatively simple equipment enterprises, in addition to increasing the exhaust fan in the workshop , the workshop only against the high-temperature aging to reduce the residual benzene bake it.

In the deployment of several raw material mixed solvent , toluene is the lowest price , that is, the deployment of a mixed solvent of toluene, the higher the ratio , the more the production cost will be reduced low .

Several companies in this workshop , the reporter also found that these foods actually bags and rat poison , fertilizers , detergent bags are printed on the same production line . We understand that these bags and packaging film into food production enterprises , the general is no longer any treatment packaging design clamshell packaging , directly into the production line of packaged foods .

( According to CCTV “Weekly Quality Report” )

Benzene excessive harm geometry

Xuanwu Hospital , Capital Medical University Panelists Tian Ding : excessive benzene is certainly harmful to the human body , the greatest harm is likely to cause cancer, a class of diseases , especially blood diseases , such as hemolytic anemia , neutropenia , aplastic anemia and leukemia, so excessive benzene for some people even fatal . I contacted inside the vac tray patient , such as hemolytic anemia , and some leukemias , has history of benzene exposure , I would suggest some of the young ( and ) sensitive populations, such as pregnant women, the elderly, to minimize exposure to these harmful substances, in order to ensure the health .

Benzene solvent alternative

China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee , deputy director of Dong Jinshi : environmentally friendly solvent printing has developed a lot , for example, can be used instead of acetic acid ethyl benzene solvent enzyme fat, butyl acetate , these substances can be directly replaced . Also now developing more environmentally friendly water-based paint is water-based solvents to water as a solvent for printing, water is not harmful to the environment . In addition there are still some sort of paint UV inks , as well as with soybean oil as a solvent for printing , have greatly increased the solvent on human health guarantee.