With the progress of human society, the development of national economy and people’s living standards improve, several octopus a rope tied naked food sales market has gone ; present in food packaging, more and more people attention, from the manufacturers to sell their products to consumers choose products are used as a yardstick to measure the value of the goods . However , the current level of food packaging is in its infancy , from the growing of food packaging materials, especially the rapid development of chemical polymer material can be seen . Plastics USA , Germany, Italy every year for food packaging into 4.5 million tons , 2 million tons and 1.9 million tons , China’s food packaging demand is expected to reach 150 this year – 200 million tons.

Modern food science and food packaging industry needs , although the past 20 years , China’s packaging research and development of new materials relatively quickly plastic packaging , but the packaging engineering is an emerging interdisciplinary, involving a wide range of knowledge , plus packaging and packaging industry research late start , China’s packaging technology in general, is still relatively backward, can not fully meet the requirements of the rapid development of the food industry . In particular mindset of the people is still relatively old, inadequate packaging and excessive packaging widespread.

As a good packaging must have several such functions: ( a ) to ensure that products in the best condition ; (b ) , the product from the outside world ( such as light , odors, microbes , etc. ) influence ; ( c) , the consumer , portable , open , warehousing, transportation and other aspects of the greatest convenience.

First, food packaging noteworthy

Packaging should pay clamshell packaging attention to small, split zeroing . In Hangzhou, roasted small walnut industry spread ” a hammer punched 30 million yuan ,” the story. After the traditional plastic packaging design small walnut eating up time-consuming, leaving the plastic packaging box meat into small packages shelled , Hangzhou small walnut year sales increase 30 million yuan ; while Shanghai old Temple spiced beans , how many years of packaging or old faces , which will be holding girl a large bag of spiced beans in the streets bite ? Starch packaging, not with 250 grams , 500 plastic trays grams is loaded , why not pack made ??of 10 grams per 20 grams small package , you can run it once or twice ?

Product packaging design must infuse cultural ideas. Chinese brewery ” Shanghai wine ” old faces have changed , the use of rich cultural characteristics Shanghai Shikumen pattern as packaging design , a gun fired ; Shanghai production of a certain brand boxed chocolates , each one printed on a different Shanghai attractions, become a popular tourist commodities. And there are some food packaging design , and others, are either too realistic , humble , or is universal beauty head , how quickly grab the customer’s mind ?

Packaging moderate , environmentally friendly packaging concept should be strengthened. Health care package in three layers, outer layer , moon cake boxes year after year exquisite luxury , excessive packaging phenomenon is still serious. Many “green” packaging actually also used non-degradable plastics . Moon cake boxes from last year became popular medium density board box , the experts pointed out , MDF contains formaldehyde , formaldehyde harm the human body are well known , such a material is it environmentally friendly ? After accession to plastic box the WTO , the city from the height of enterprises must “green barriers” to understand the product packaging , otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.

Second, the future development direction of China’s food packaging

In the coming years , the development of food and beverage packaging , China will be the most obvious , and its importance in sequence as follows :

( A ) , for most of the new packaging , the main product of petroleum -based raw materials for chemical industry .

(B ) the further development of aseptic packaging will reduce the need for refrigeration equipment. Some consumers believe that canned foods are high-grade metal products, aseptic carton packaging and low prices are mostly considered to be low-grade product . In fact, this is a misconception , packaging should be more effective, as long as you can save the best food , the more cheap is more superior packaging.

(C ) willing to use plastic containers and plastic bottles are more and more , will replace the glass, and in some cases can also replace metal products.

( Four ) , flexible packaging materials to high-quality development. Our flexo introduction and development began in the 1970s . Now that we have been able to manufacture its own flexo substrates , a variety of flexible printing inks. In particular, the production of water-based inks and water-based normalization polish can be combined with other types of ink sets of the same color in the above aqueous coating, covering the remaining volatile toxic solvents ; can be in direct contact with food , ensuring food safety and hygiene . In addition, the printing process has accumulated a wealth of experience, has been able to print out not less than the traditional process of printing , such as international brands , ” Coca-Cola ” and ” Pepsi ” and other stickers printing, by up to international standards, the International level closer.

In China, flexo packaging printing the past 10 years has made considerable progress, but momentum unhappiness. From the perspective of packaging and printing professionals , should be bold innovation from the machine , materials and processes , and actively explore , scaled new heights . Only out -class products, welcome to get manufacturers and customers alike. For the majority of the food business operators , also hope to emancipate the mind, let go with the new packaging. For example there packaging design are some flexographic printing less than traditional print beautifully designed packaging can improve the picture from up to adapt to it? Another example is bright enough color flexo printing , but especially thick , can exceed and achieve better visual effect.

( Five ) , by improving the performance of packaging materials to reduce packaging costs, rather than one-sided pursuit of lower material prices, packages and general different products ( general product usually only use one particular occasion ) , the need for frequent loading , encapsulation , storage and transportation of goods flow , the customer has bought tend to have a custody and use of the process it is necessary to ensure and improve the quality of packaging .

( Six ) , packaging lighter and will continue to make progress . From some of these items vac tray can also be clearly seen in the general trend to reduce the quality of packaging . Smaller weight flexible packaging and plastic containers , plastic bottles instead of glass and metal containers , can reduce transport costs in the magnitude of ground. Its development trends include : easy to pick up handling, need to stock that due to lighter packaging , pallet load is reduced accordingly , may reduce the spleen motorcycle and forklifts ; for the individual cartons, glass and plastic containers and flexible packaging and so on up the food packaging container packaging , the need to increase its strength, in order to facilitate safe delivery shops.

( Seven ) , the traditional fiber packaging materials ( cellophane and translucent paper ) have gradually been eliminated trend. Most likely be completely replaced by a polypropylene film of cellophane . Translucent paper ( and greaseproof paper ) will be replaced by a high density and low density of the metal foil , and in particular the co-extrusion by adding a resin , the function can be doubled.
( Eight ) , filling in the food and beverage packaging market to get promotion.

Third, the demand for food industry packaging industry

Many are associated with the food industry sector , which is particularly close with the packaging industry . Food industry products require packaging , the packaging will have a direct impact on the quality of the food industrial products , quality and marketing . Although food packaging unrepresentative of the inherent quality of the food , but good food packaging can guarantee the quality and extend the life and prolong the shelf life of food , good packaging can win a reputation as products for the consumer preference. Therefore , the food industry attaches great importance to product packaging options , including filling, packaging machinery and packaging materials , packaging decoration design and selection .

Food industry products in the industry clear plastic packaging , ” fifteen” plan has a more substantial growth , the industry product packaging machinery, packaging materials, packaging and sizes vary by industry product growth rate can be estimated , the main products for packaging demand has 10-20 % growth rate even more. Of course, the quality of packaging are to be further improved. Beer, for example , five-year increase of 16.8% , an increase of 51% in 2015 compared to 2000 , so beer bottling equipment , bottles, cans and barrels and other packaging materials should be increased accordingly , it is the development of food industry packaging industry total traffic demand .

Many food industries , packaging needs of the corresponding product has a certain pattern, corresponding packaging companies should propose appropriate countermeasures development through market research , including packaging machinery , packaging materials , packaging specifications , etc., to the present , based on the there are new developments during the “Tenth Five .” Here I made ??a few big potential for development in several industries , namely convenience foods , convenience foods is a broad concept , and its products belonging to the food industry in various industries, developing very fast , potentially in great demand , and its species diversity , in the form of different specifications , the demand for the packaging industry , is undoubtedly new, is the largest ; Second, dairy products, the potential demand, the food industry is the rapid development of the industry , but a single dairy packaging , not adapt to changing market needs, especially in the city’s supply of liquid milk , “Tenth Five Year Plan” period average annual increase of 15% , up to 200 tons, the demand for packaging has great potential ; Third, agricultural processed products , agricultural products now being accelerated in many areas preservation and processing efforts. This year, we honor the more than 40 county food industry , food industry output value of these counties are 40-60 percent of the county ‘s industrial output , and a number of leading food companies , but these companies generally lag behind the product packaging , according to some of the counties I enterprise visits understand that these company’s products are top quality, second-rate packaging, food packaging industry to rural enterprise development is promising.

With the escalation of further adjustment and upgrading of industrial food products, product mix , the packaging is also put forward new demands , first, food quality and safety assurance, packaging technology and materials to more stringent requirements ; Second, filling, packaging and speed , more diverse specifications , packaging materials and containers and seeks to achieve standardization, serialization, universal ; Third, the image of the packaging and decorating and packaging requirements are higher ; four have new anti-counterfeiting packaging breakthroughs ; Fifth, efforts to reduce packaging costs. As the food industry products in different industries , have focused on the above requirements , such as milk , meat, processed aquatic products , fruit and vegetable products, for preservation, shelf-life requirements are more stringent , candy packaging machinery and packaging specifications more diverse , packaging decoration demanding ; while some high-end food and a large quantity of a single product for security identification requirements are higher.

As early as 1984 , in ” 1981 — 2000 National Food Industry Development Program ” approved by the State Council, pointed out that the food industry sector , involving a wide range of close ties with many other sectors of the national economy . Which refers to the development of the food industry for packaging ( industrial ) sector role. My personal understanding is that the development of the packaging industry needs to promote the development of the food industry , the food industry will need to develop the packaging industry give strong support , food industry, packaging industry should strengthen cooperation and common development , and make greater national economic development contribution.