Food packaging clear plastic packaging plastic film plastic trays surface treatment of clamshell packaging the problem
Plastic film is the largest amount of plastic in one, accounting for about 35% of the amount of plastic . Printed plastic film difficult , difficult bonding, composite difficult to produce droplets , electrostatic and other issues seem more prominent in the domestic plastic film corona surface treatment technology, but does not apply to many bulk use . Plasma surface treatment technology has yet to have a technical breakthrough , mainly due to the height plastic packaging design of the technical requirements of the vacuum , making it difficult for the surface modification technology of bulk industrial products. Therefore, the development of new surface modification technology to expand the application of plastic film market has great significance .

Beijing University of Chemical Materials Organic Materials Surface Engineering Laboratory since 1996 , after intermittent small scale , mold test pilot , developed in the preparation of the hydrophilic surface of the light as the main technical characteristics of the graft / hydrophobic asymmetric continuous production of plastic films new technology. The obtained surface treatment of plastic film products , the film still has the original one side hydrophobic and the other side surface polarity can be adjusted according to different needs , until it reaches the completely hydrophilic . Of course , both surfaces of the film can be processed simultaneously to obtain a symmetrical modified products.

The technology is applicable to virtually all plastic film , such as PE, PP, PVC, PET, nylon. Graft polymerization of the modifying features and primordia layer chemically bonded to the membrane , are very stable . Including the development of ” long-term non- droplet plastic greenhouse film preparation of new technology” , combined with the application of basic and applied testing , after the pilot identified by the Ministry of Education , but also the vac tray Chinese and try to complete the transition to industrialization industrial pilot established to prepare plastic packaging box a processing width of 2 meters semi-continuous production demonstration and workshop equipment , completed the industrialization of production.

The production unit is available as a separate processing lines for the finished film offline processing , the processing unit can also be attached to the original film blown or pulled directly from the production line and high-performance or functional film products , lower investment costs. The use of technology that allows the production of plastic films on one or both sides of the introduction of functional groups or reactive groups such as acid , alkali , hydroxy, amino , anhydride groups, epoxy groups and the like. This is for the development of a variety of novel properties of specialty plastics foundation.

For food packaging , in addition to the inner layer must be considered and resolved printing , bonding , sealing and other issues, oxygen , moisture and aroma barrier and most major indicators. PE and PP excellent barrier to water , oxygen barrier properties but poor ; PET and nylon has a higher oxygen barrier properties , but is poor in water ; PVDC oxygen , water, have good barrier properties, but the plastic box film resistance and film strength alone is poor, the high cost ; PVOH You polyvinyl alcohol Du is the best oxygen barrier film , but rather because it is difficult to dissolve in water disinfection plastic packaging by cooking this off . Now the use of this technology has produced a one-sided hydrophilic PE, BOPP or BOPET modified membrane , and very easy to get PVDC coated composite packaging design membranes , the PVOH film sandwiched in the middle of two PE oxygen barrier and confining both upscale food packaging film, PE or PP use the processing or handling of non- adhesive PET film for food packaging consisting of mid-range , and high-grade low-cost plastic composite film , anti-fog and anti-condensation of new composite plastic bags and other packaging film .