In our country , ” pharmaceutical packaging clear plastic packaging industry,” 15 “Development Plan ” clearly states : the overall level of pharmaceutical packaging China still lags behind developed countries, drug packaging quality and packaging of pharmaceutical economic contribution rates are lower than the international level. The proportion of the value of packaging and pharmaceuticals developed in 15% -20% , some as high as 30% ; while China accounted for only 8% -9 %. Accounting for about 65 % of the total formulation of pharmaceutical packaging has not yet reached the average level clamshell packaging of the 1980s .

???Rapid internationalization of the pharmaceutical industry and enterprise resource integration trend is emerging , and this trend will continue to develop. Enterprise resource integration process expected to reduce costs , optimize the use of production equipment, reduce overhead costs and improve products to market quickly process. The results of its development is to promote the development of a more professional , scientific, simple plastic packaging and rationalization of packaging, processes and strategies.

State Food and Drug Administration is working great efforts to promote the registries of drugs and drug packaging , and international practice , to improve the international competitiveness of domestic medicines to eliminate the phenomenon of the same kind of patented drugs have different names. Therefore, we must choose the correct packaging material , and sufficient to protect the drugs. These packaging materials are not necessarily the same as the vac tray original packing materials , as the life period of these drugs , drug manufacturing companies in the raw materials may not be fully utilized, while the high barrier performance criteria for pharmaceutical packaging is most needed to consider. Change the backward status of pharmaceutical packaging , the use of new technologies , the development of medicinal barrier packaging materials is the sacred mission of high-tech Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Qionghua .

Introduction barrier material

Recognized three high barrier material is PVDC, EV-OH, and PAN plastic packaging design ( poly Chennai dicarboxylate ) . Three materials are copolymers, the oxygen barrier property , EV-OH than PVDC, PVDC than PAN; barrier to water vapor , EV-OH than PVDC, PVDC than PAN, however , at high humidity under the conditions , the EV-OH barrier properties decreased . Meanwhile , PAN material , increase as the ambient humidity barrier is also decreased. In terms of overall performance , PVDC material is most excellent .

I.e., PVDC polyvinylidene chloride, in which there are two states, one is a light yellow plastic box resin powder , one is opaque liquid latex . PVDC resin in powder form , by adding a stabilizer and plasticizer, blown plastic trays film extrusion molding , the product casing film is mainly used for packaging ; PVDC latex is used mainly in the PVC, PET , etc. as the base sheet or film material , the coating film on its surface . Products are mainly used in pharmaceutical blister packaging , granules powder packaging and food packaging .

After coating PVDC latex barrier composite materials in addition to the general performance with plastic , it also has a self-extinguishing , oil, aroma preservation and excellent moisture , mildew and other properties, but also has excellent printing and heat sealing, is one of many barrier plastic packaging materials in the best kind of comprehensive performance . It is different from EV-OH ( polyvinyl alcohol ) with increasing humidity leaving the barrier properties decreased significantly, but also from PAN due absorbent so poor moisture barrier , but a moisture barrier , high gas barrier are excellent barrier materials, environmental conditions on the performance of the barrier is minimal.

New Processing Technology PVDC coated composites

PVDC ( polyvinylidene chloride ) are difficult to process because , although it has excellent barrier properties , but it can not be produced industrially , so is commonly referred to as PVDC refers to a vinylidene chloride (VDC) copolymer as a main component polymer materials. Applications in the packaging industry PVDC, the VDC content of about 90% , often taken monomers are acrylic acid, acrylate. These copolymers plasticized played a role in the improved processing performance PVDC , and barrier properties while it did not cause a fatal reduction effect.

PVDC industry began in the late 1930s , by the DOW Chemical Company First American plastic packaging box industrial production . At that time coincides with “World War II “, PVDC is mainly used for military packaging , after the rapid industrial development of the world , particularly in the food processing industry , PVDC display an extremely fresh not frozen food , food, medicine shelf and shelf life extension aspects excellent performance for decades PVDC high barrier packaging materials as always in a dominant position packaging design , although there EV-OH and PAN two materials , but their performance in high humidity environments decreased barrier failed to develop further. Similarly PA ( barrier material can not be considered under the strict definition ) can not replace high barrier PVDC excellent package for contents protection, and usually also need to practice with PVDC coating process to improve its packaging performance .

PVDC latex coating process flow is different from the PVDC resin and extrusion blown film process , PVDC latex coating process:

Substrate unwinding – Pretreatment – basecoat – IR and AIR drying – intermediate coating – IR and AIR drying – topcoat – IR and AIR drying – rewinding . As can be seen from the coating process, there is only a latex coating and heating the coating during drying . In the final film without any additional aid , and therefore although only 2-3m thick coating , but the oxygen barrier properties equivalent moisture barrier properties of the blown film of 25m . Wherein the undercoat layer , IR and AIR drying Viburnum Tech proprietary new technology.