90% of our current infusion using glass bottles , soft plastic packaging actual production is less than 2 million bottles ( bags ) . Currently, most foreign infusion using high quality plastic bottles or plastic clamshell packaging bags . With China’s accession to WTO, foreign hospitals increased, the number of foreigners living in China have continued to increase plastic packaging greatly increased demand . Developed using the infusion volume was 3.33 per bottle , this is a very large market space. The current global production of 12 clear plastic packaging billion infusion bottles, China only 30 million plastic trays bottles . Therefore , since 2001, the renovation and expansion , the new infusion packaging production to become plastic packaging design plastic packaging box ” hot spots” , the plastic box plastic packaging industry is no exception. Infusion package is divided into packaging design plastic bottles and plastic bags . BOPP bottle meteoric rise since 2003 , with the Dongguan Jia Hong Machinery Company to develop domestic BOPP infusion bottle manufacturing equipment , the use of two-step injection stretch blow PP bottle production equipment, production per hour 2200 ~ 2500 bottles , by the pharmaceutical industry users Welcome . And vac tray other sterilization, filling equipment matching , BOPP infusion bottles showing growth , changing bottles domination . Existing and projected to 2005 in the construction of BOPP bottle production capacity ( there are 17 to introduce 20 plastic bottle production line ) will exceed one billion bottles , will together form a medicinal liquid packaging diversity and glass bottles, soft plastic bags. Soft plastic , the According to incomplete statistics , at present, a total of 21 enterprises to introduce or enter into soft plastic packaging production line 25 , soft plastic bag production capacity will reach 300 million bags. In summary , the current project is being launched or prepared on plastic packaging enterprises should seriously consider the implementation of access to medicine packaging system for packaging materials quality , technology has strict requirements . But ( pharmaceutical plastic , plastic packaging materials and containers infusion standards ) has not been introduced, in terms of quality assurance to the user to select the package materials create difficulties . Prone to disorderly competition . Therefore, we must consider carefully to avoid economic losses