Currently polymer packaging materials ( plastic packaging ) in the application of the growing share of the market . According to rough statistics , the application of new materials, food packaging polymers dominant market, and half of the market share, followed by pharmaceuticals and medical equipment packaging. The general trend of the development of drug polymer packaging material coming out of the presentation : the container application type composite flexible packaging materials into occupation and dominate the market, help reduce waste and protect the environment pollution and reduce costs for the purpose of medicine, food packaging direction of development. Today China’s pharmaceutical flexible packaging materials with polymers is developing very rapidly , with the emergence of new materials , people use the growing awareness materials , polymer materials also will be upgrading, as is now widely used on the market flexible packaging blister the base material of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which belongs to the amorphous polymer , which is applied in the processing characteristics of the melting point is not significantly heated to 120 ~ 150 when plasticity , thermal stability is poor due to its at which temperature the release of hydrogen chloride , which further promote the decomposition , it must be added to the alkaline stabilizer and hydrogen chloride , the reaction and suppress the autocatalytic cleavage . Pure product is a rigid PVC amount of plasticizer to be added to make it soft , different varieties of packaging needed to use an ultraviolet absorber was added , fillers , lubricants, pigments , fungicides and other additives to improve the performance of PVC . Chemical resistance , abrasion resistance, self-extinguishing flame resistance , high strength, electrical insulation , barrier properties , low cost sources of broad general terms the advantages of PVC . Pharmaceutical blister packaging is made with PVC rigid sheet of PVC resin , add some processing aids, by extrusion, calendering methods of production to meet the requirements for medicinal products as blister packaging substrates , independent separating each tablet tablets , pills and capsules , making it the smallest unit of pharmaceutical packaging , the use of drugs accuracy, security has been greatly improved, and because the process is simple, low investment, easy molding , so that the production cost of pharmaceutical companies decline , production efficiency is greatly improved from the initial application to now most pharmaceutical companies have chosen this material to pack tablets , pills and capsules.

Into the 1990s , drug safety has been more emphasis on pharmaceutical companies and consumers , because many drugs are vulnerable to wet ingredients cleavage , oxidation when exposed to light , the original PVC rigid sheet packaging pharmaceuticals through its water vapor barrier gap between plastic packaging design the performance and usability . Therefore not suitable for moisture, steam and other requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, especially in traditional Chinese medicine products, pills, powders , granules packaging for water vapor , moisture requirements more sensitive , more choice of packaging material should be treated , and the other people in the long term processing and use of polyvinyl chloride process recognizes its human survival negative impact on the environment and organisms to produce vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) when the PVC polymerization monomers. Preparation of PVC rigid films in the processing of adding additives , plasticizers, stabilizers , hydrochloric acid produced in the incineration of PVC products dioxin process . Polyvinyl chloride produced by the decomposition of the living environment as pollution , its monomeric plasticizers, stabilizers, and dioxins have serious effects on humans and the environment . In developed countries such as Germany, pharmaceutical manufacturers no longer make use of PVC blister packs ; Japan also limits the production of PVC plastic box products , so as a long-term application of PVC blister packaging material facing replacement materials , choose to use the new the polymer packaging material to protect drug use and safety has been imminent.

Pharmaceutical blister packaging barrier novel polymer materials
polyvinylidene chloride packaging material (PVDC)

Homopolymers of vinylidene chloride , polyvinylidene chloride difficult to process , though it has a very excellent gas barrier properties , but it can not be produced industrially , therefore , commonly referred to as PVDC refers to a vinylidene chloride ( VDC) is a copolymer polymer material body. PVDC when in pharmaceutical packaging , the VDC content of about 90% , often used monomers are acrylic acid, acrylate. These comonomers plasticized played a role in the improved processing performance PVDC plastic packaging box , and barrier properties while it does not cause fatal cut effect. PVDC began processing the late 1930s , by the DOW Chemical Company First American industrial production . At that time coincides with “World War II “, PVDC is mainly used for military packaging , after the rapid industrial development of the world , PVDC display an extremely excellent performance in the pharmaceutical , food shelf and shelf- life extension aspects , which for decades as a high barrier PVDC dominant material never cut off , but does have some polymer materials – degree threatened PVDC, such as ethylene – vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), but due to a sharp decline in the performance of EVOH barrier in high humidity environments fail to further develop . Similarly to the polymer biaxially oriented polyamide (BOPA) can not replace PVDC excellent packaging protection, and often plastic trays practice also needs to improve its packaging PVDC coating performance . Pharmaceutical packaging material selection function is excellent barrier properties , PVDC polymer density, structural regularity , high crystallinity . Thus it has excellent gas tightness , excellent resistance tide, gas barrier ability, good oil resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance . As a result of copolymerization , PVDC can not coextrusion , blown film and also to a composite with other materials constituting the composite excellent barrier properties of flexible packaging material.
polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Such packaging material referred to as polyester polymer , which plastic packaging is a generic term in the chemical structure of the main chain of the polymer compound containing an ester bond , or by the condensation of diols or polyols with dicarboxylic acids from polyacids , or from containing material prepared in the same molecule a hydroxyl group and a carboxyl group . PET is currently applied is a linear polyester , which is the highest species thermoplastic hardness and wear resistance of its good thermal stability , its melting point is between 255 ~ 260 , and creep resistance, rigidity so than many plastics , low water absorption , linear expansion coefficient and small, high dimensional stability. Although permeability bigger than polyvinylidene chloride , but as drug packaging material is still good gas barrier properties of the material is . Of 25 microns thick PET film , oxygen gas is 2.9 cubic centimeters per square meter / hr / atm , it is low hygroscopic : 25 one week immersion in water , water absorption < 0.6% , and to maintain dimensional stability. PET findings Britain JR Whinfield, research-based DuPont 's WH CarOtherS first get on the high melting point , good crystalline high molecular weight polyester PET, 1941 was patented in 1946, published its patents. First vac tray pilot production company ICI , UK , under the trade name taken Terylene ( fiber ) . Production of PET is DuPont step ahead , named Daeron ( fiber ) in 1948. First performed in 1953, ICI, trial production of PET film , named Melinex, 1954 DuPont company also produced a film called Mylar. Followed by Germany and France have their own trade names sold in Japan in 1959 is the introduction of the first production of ICI patented PET, 1963 film production of 2050 tons . Early production and development of the manufacturers of PET are: Shanghai Polyester Plant, Beijing Chemical Wuchang, Nanjing organic chemical plants . PET material for pharmaceutical blister base , either from mechanical strength, transparency, anti- bacterial resistance, cold resistance , superior to PVC rigid sheet , and water absorption , toxicity and less than PVC. Therefore, the use of PET blister packaging substrate materials for heat enveloping sheet safer than PVC material , better barrier properties , which will help in the wet , tide, saving medicines steam environment .

The novel cyclic olefin copolymer packaging material (COC)
Cyclic olefin polymer changes the crystalline polyolefin and not necessarily transparent impression combines the advantages of a common non-crystalline and crystalline polymers , such as high transparency, high heat resistance, excellent optical properties and electrical characteristics, , low water absorption and water permeability , good biocompatibility , low extractables , and other features , provides a broad space in pharmaceuticals, food applications. Cyclic olefin polymer containing monomers as early as a few years ago is recognized, but it was difficult to control due to the uniformity of the molecular weight of the polymer synthesis , impurities tend to generate a high proportion of production can not be increased , it is few truly commercial application market. Today, soft and hard linear cyclic olefin copolymerized olefin monomers can be adjusted freely and become proportions , can also have the common advantage of the amorphous and the crystalline polymer . Although it has good thermoforming properties, but its easily broken , so often and polypropylene (PP) facilitate maintaining the shape of the composite can also be a composite with a chlorotrifluoroethylene homopolymer , COC can now most performance thermal forming the molding equipment , because the performance of the COC ‘s easy molding , heat packaging design sealing decided to become cold forming blister packaging and plastic composite ideal alternative . Its application provides a high impedance wet , thermoformed material with good performance , which is blocking a variety of improvements in wet performance levels can be as rigid PVC film , like molding, but does not contain chlorine and other halogen elements and environmental pollution , and good dimensional stability, is a crystal -like transparent material , thus staining the blister package as transparency is still high .

chlorotrifluoroethylene homopolymer composite packaging materials (ACLAR)

ACLAR use of new composite materials homopolymers and copolymers of similar properties and formability coextrusion was used to undertake the complex plane , whether the mold surface coating can be used. However, if the angle is small or local mold is more complex, using textured surface or coating material throughout the mold cavity helps evenly distributed, but also with the mold material is clamshell packaging also out . ACLAR barrier material to meet a wide range of packaging requirements. ACLAR barrier material does not adhere to the mold can melt , but a higher coefficient of friction , this would complicate the design of the mold . If the shape of the mold is complicated, are installed in the mold proposed thimble . Furthermore there should also be preheated textured sheet surface and a relatively smooth coating , to reduce drag sealing material units. Preheating the die and apply PVDC plate , but also for the application of ACLAR material.

polypropylene packaging sheet (PP)

With the popular concept of environmental protection , the polypropylene sheet gradually become an international field of popular new drug packaging materials . After the modified polypropylene sheet with excellent air tightness , transparency, insulation resistance, high impact strength and good processing performance, and non-toxic , the product will replace PVC rigid sheet , widely used in medicine, food and other fields . Polypropylene has good transparency , stiffness and appearance , excellent gas barrier properties of water can ensure the contents have a longer shelf life. Processing properties of the drug package sheet excellent , mature technology , and high production efficiency , with excellent recycling function clear plastic packaging , are environmentally friendly. The product is moisture, oxygen barrier , dark, with excellent barrier properties , can effectively avoid the gas , light and other media destruction of pharmaceutical ingredients , adapt to any climate, especially for high-end , the new easy-to decomposition and chemical happen changes in drugs, can effectively protect the quality of medicines. The hard film forms for a wide range , can be used for pills, tablets , suppositories , capsules and tablets like pharmaceutical packaging , and easy to open .