The new concept of foreign pharmaceutical plastic packaging design packaging
Foreign pharmaceutical packaging very seriously Child Safety (Baby Ssfe), so in the design of drugs , often will take into account whether the design of the packaging will impact the safety of children . A recently developed called “Faller” drug packaging, the packaging box through the die opening of the line , open the tray needs a certain intensity , so open the way for adults is easy but for children, there is very difficult , and thus effectively avoiding the child mistakenly opened , eating situation . Because of this box once opened , it is difficult to restore, to some extent, it is also played a role in anti-theft , truly sets plastic packaging box vac tray protection and security in one.

In addition, the new foreign wallet blister packaging reflects the greater emphasis on humanity. For those who take a long time to take medication clear plastic packaging regularly heart disease and other patients, packaging design this packaging is very appropriate, because you can add on their packaging chip, the chip clamshell packaging is designed with certain procedures when patients forget to take medicine , the chip will automatically alert issued hum , remind patients to take medicine .

As the plastic blister packaging moisture, moisture and light performance are better than double aluminum , aluminum plastic packaging, so double aluminum plastic packaging , aluminum plastic packaging needs upward trend.

In terms of security , in addition to the use of domestic common anti-counterfeiting technology and instructions on plastic trays the box , many foreign drugs in the outer carton , manual, on the foil blister packs , have done a security .

In addition to carton packaging and blister packaging , there are many new forms of packaging , such plastic box as an end with a circular sponge plastic bag, looks like a bottle of paper and plastic packaging , etc.