Detergent manufacturers surveyed plastic trays believe that a common vertical packaging design bag with different , Ecolab ‘s Oasis Pro 10Ӣ 9 -inch bag of six millimeters thick , sitting at the end plus vac tray angle widened to five inches , so its vertical placement will be more stable. They said that such a bag is easy burned after use , which is very attractive for many industries , especially more so for users on the ship is .

Such bags using IPN Clean Clic nozzles , nozzle with Ecolab good agreement . Ecolab packaging official said , this direct into the bag sealing nozzle angle is an important invention . Because the use of such a nozzle , the user absolutely avoid any contact with the product. This nozzle is like a one-way valve , when filling head or spray head recovered the nozzle clamshell packaging automatically sealed , so when not in use, it is sealed safe.

There are anti- press color labels on the bags. The tags can withstand clear plastic packaging a range of surfactants , caustics , acids and other strong chemicals. This product label has a corresponding position Oasis Pro can be sprayed color code . For example , Pink Marble Safe on to tell the user should use it for the position indicated by the pink standard code , thus reducing the possibility of inappropriate use .

Improve the packaging sealing

Detergent packaging bags released plastic box in early 2003 , before the 2.5 gallons of high plastic packaging -density polyethylene HDPE cans and 32- ounce bottle of the same material . In this process of change in rigid to flexible packaging , Ecolab through twice before enrichment in further savings product packaging resources , this change makes the packaging weight by 82%. The new package to improve security, to meet the needs of storage and use. Smaller packaging volume is also good for the customer , the original 2.5- Gallon Tank weighing 28 pounds , smaller packaging easier to take , easy to place , accounting for a smaller place .

A survey shows that customer feedback on bottled concentrated in two areas : the leak and easy to contact with staff . To solve this problem , this package into vertical and sealed product . This increases the security and stability of the product , very popular with consumers .

?Improve the safety of use

Customers always come across misuse and errors dilution plastic packaging design issues. Ecolab packaging official said: “Usually , the customer will think if it is useful, it is certainly the more effective the results of their own to make the solution concentration is often much more concentrated than the right . .” Customers who bagged the Oasis Pro cleaners stored in specially designed for them diluted cabinet. A tube extending from the mouth of the plastic packaging box cabinet , the cabinet according to the ratio of the disk scale directly to the concentrated liquid is poured into a spray bottle ( one gallon per minute ) or buckets ( 4 gallons per minute ) in . A dilution cabinet can put four different products. This cleaner bags can be emptied to prevent leakage in case happened.

The bag and the bag , nozzles, and dilution of three cabinets with each other. Color code simplifies the system to ensure proper product and concentration . The United States and Canada to sell products in Europe . Two and one printed on the packaging in English, Spanish and French. The other five are described in the specification of other words . Price per carton 30 to $ 100, there are two two- liter carton . The first full year of sales exceeded their expectations.

Mainly due to the success of the product packaging

Ecolab packaging official said customers liked the design , especially those hotels, hospitals, clinics and domestic companies . The main reason should be attributed to the success of the product packaging . This package lets customers are very interested, because they suddenly realized the benefits of this package .

Because of its superior performance , awarded the title of standardized packaging ” 2003 American Star” package Practitioners Association (IoPP). Ecolab believes that this strictly in accordance with the functional design of the bags, but also reflects the diversity of packaging trends .