In the field of cosmetic products , many cosmetic producers have begun to ” green packaging” and work with ; even more gratifying is that many products have been recognized by the clamshell packaging market . While today’s package is an indispensable part plastic packaging box of the sale of plastic packaging design goods , but also is a source of spam predecessor . Packaging is made by a number of raw materials evolve , but the ultimate manifestation is rubbish. Therefore , there is a growing use of packaging materials or decrease , or the sustainable use of recycled materials , while protecting the global environment , and also reduces production costs. In 2003, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) statistics United States throughout the year will create more than 236 million tons of solid waste man-made , of which 35.2% is paper products, plastic products of 11.3% , 8%, metal products , 5.3% glass products. Despite nearly 30% of recyclable garbage and recycling , but faster than the processing of waste and landfill manufacturing much faster . Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart), this has more than 68,000 suppliers of the world’s largest retail chain , between January 2005 to November launched a series of measures to promote environmental protection. Their ultimate goal is to use 100 percent renewable energy , creating zero waste .

The use of recyclable materials

Este Lauder ( Estee Lauder ) the company has been using the Aveda brand conducive environment recyclable packaging materials used are derived from everyday consumer bottles , paper and boxes. A few years ago , Aveda launched a Uruku lipstick, its packaging is the use of these materials , and the use of polyethylene tube of lipstick , but also for minimal environmental impact plastic box considerations. Uruku lipstick shape of the second package is a clam-shell made ??from molded paper pulp , from 100% recycled paper .

Meanwhile, the California legislature SB235 and SB1729 launch, there plastic trays are more and more recyclable packaging and consumers. Of rigid plastic packaging containers (RPPC) of the regulations, the purpose is to have more recyclable plastic packaging launch , thereby reducing the amount of plastic waste processing .

Careful choice of packaging material
Now many packaging design would prefer to use PVC plastic packaging materials and PLA , but in order to reduce the impact on the environment and on humans , many companies began to abandon PVC, especially those who can not be added to the degradation of toxic substances, play a stabilizing role and soften PVC. It is for this reason , in recent years the proportion of PET packaging will be increasing in the bath and baby products .

Johnson & Johnson ( J & J ) companies do this proportion will gradually reduce the use of resin material , the 2007 will be fully abandoned. PVC resin is an alternative material containing PETG and PLA , and for this change to take some risks packaging solutions .

Not all resins have adverse effects . PLA, which Johnson & Johnson decided to use the material , which is made ??from natural corn fiber processing, compared with ordinary plastic , the process will be required for a 65% reduction in fuel consumption , and can then be updated annually , which is more than those based on petroleum processing plastics materials have more competitive advantages. The more applicable to the field of cosmetic products PLA can be injection and blow molding processing , can also be made ??of tubes , labels and shrink sleeves .

Furthermore clear plastic packaging , PHA is transformed from another cereal sugars synthesized biodegradable plastic. Than other biodegradable plastics , such as polylactic acid PLA more flexibility and moisture resistance , expects its formal production on a commercial scale will be launched in 2008 .

PET plastic also has great potential for development , but regeneration is a big problem of resistance. Because few people recycle PET bottles , most of the bottles have been carried out of the landfill . The use of recycled plastic will lead to a lot of technical problems.

Because these resin materials are generally brown or brown -green , more suitable for further processing in order to be added colorants . Another problem relates to the extrusion process , especially if the bottle has a bottle blow molding process , the intermediate layer contains a resin recyclable , this will not affect the contact product concerned resin decorative effect . In short , the use of high-quality , clean packaging material is the vac tray most important , and the use of renewable materials quality is a top priority.

Use of renewable energy
Renewable energy, also known as ” green energy” can be obtained from many sources , such as wind , hydro , solar , geothermal, and so on. Use of renewable energy producers is also very practical , now only 2% of U.S. companies are using this energy in the plastic packaging creation of electricity , seen huge growth potential. Although the cost of this energy is more expensive than standard energy , but some well-known cosmetics brands have begun to focus on its development. Aveda and a packaging suppliers on the use of wind energy to the production of paper and paperboard, Johnson & Johnson in 2004, about 18 % of the electricity comes from green energy.