Currently packing cleanliness , cleaning supplies in hand sanitizer, packaging design disinfectant and other hygiene products with a few — hand sanitizer nozzle orifice and sometimes even do not touch the liquid droplets ; detergent did not open the bag , but out of the bag already attached to a layer of detergent …… few such problems , thus reflecting the many inadequacies of cleaning supplies packaging industry vac tray exist. To cleaning supplies , for example, although in recent years the industry plastic packaging has plastic box been rapid development , product categories increased clear plastic packaging significantly, liquid detergent and other new products gradually increased, but the gap with the international plastic trays advanced level of the overall package level remains high. The traditional powdered detergent in the filling , due to packaging machinery design level is not high , resulting in inaccurate measurement after sealing plastic bag sealing uneven ; different mobility, different proportion of powder and adaptability plastic packaging box due to different specifications of packaging Jia , manual adjustments are required before filling machines , time-consuming ; low degree of automation and packaging equipment , bag making, filling, sealing one-stop small filling machine production plastic packaging design line , most companies use a single filling machine . In addition, because there is a lot of gas left in the bag in the filling , and a little squeeze , plastic bag sealing it easy to rupture, leading detergent leaks. Some companies in order to solve this problem, artificial plastic tie on some clamshell packaging ” vent ” so that the bag gas emissions, but it will therefore damp laundry detergent , affecting the quality of the product .