In addition to quality , price, place , beauty salon cosmetics companies clamshell packaging plastic packaging found that with the increase of people’s living standards improve and the degree of competition in the industry , to win in the market competition , the addition of a heavy factor. To the WTO, the Chinese local enterprises, the brand’s ” global management ” problem seems to be clearly visible, inevitable . And so he did . Economic integration is becoming increasingly clear in today’s society , globalization has become an important strategy for international competition between enterprises , brand development, brand education , brand innovation and other issues are also increasingly by domestic enterprises attention . Although there is no international brands rich brand management experience, but also a lack of successful brand management operations , but China ‘s local enterprises are still exploring practical way , from learning foreign companies advanced technology , management experience began to learn the successful promotion of foreign enterprises marketing model , and a passion for innovation , to stimulate growth. This is in cosmetics, cleaning products industry is no exception. Product connotation “coat” For many consumers , the mind also left white porcelain green metal cover , antique, affordable “great friendship” cream impression, but this was in the 1980s, famed country, has hundreds of millions of customers of the old brand , and now we can only rely increasingly curtailed consumer groups to maintain their meager sales of the. The stark contrast, vac tray many foreign brands carry the new technologies, new products, dazzling , elegant and beautifully packaged in the country, followed by the overwhelming packaging and promotion, and its ultimate goal is only one – compete for every possible customer . ” Cosmetics” general sense actually includes skincare , beauty salons and perfume and other categories.

According to the staff of the Chinese Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industry introduced a variety of eye cream, night cream , SOD honey and plastic packaging box sunscreen , etc. can be included in the list of skin care products , shampoo , hair conditioner, hair water , lipstick , eyebrow pencil , nail cosmetic oil is classified as beauty salons , and perfumes can always dreams of. Cosmetics as a fashion consumer goods , it requires high-quality packaging materials to enhance their social status . Currently, almost all kinds of materials are used in the packaging of cosmetics , while glass , plastic, metal plastic trays material is a three current major plastic box cosmetic packaging container material used , paper is commonly used for packaging cosmetics .

?”Constantly developing new materials and new processing technology , the pursuit of new styling , has been in the industry in terms of cosmetic packaging container development focus .” Engaged packaging design in a long-term study of the packaging materials engineers told reporters , “Now, with a range of materials has not only limited to glass bottles, plastic bottles, the application of new materials has also become the cosmetics industry to launch new products, improve existing products one way , “he said, with well-known P% 26;. amp; G ( Procter & Gamble ) , for example, which launched last year , ” Zest ” brand bath bottle material would have changed the texture of hard plastic , and the choice of a more humane soft hardness of plastic packaging , ” in this way, virtually on this is a product of increased affinity . ”

The implication, ” Zest ” The successful launch of their choice of packaging materials are not unrelated. Similarly, another brand of Procter & Gamble – ” Pantene ” in the existing strong brand basis, but also in packaging design and material improvements made ??considerable efforts , and strive to be “old ” brand inject fresh vitality. This also means that fashion, eye-catching , vibrant , fun packaging design and adoption of a new bottle , the clear plastic packaging future will be one of the means of winning end cosmetics manufacturers . In the field of skin care products, durable , attractive packaging is endless.

The industry in North Cosmetics Co., Ltd. produced a series of crystal products, for example , said its manufacturing process is relatively unique paste – with fully automated computer system cream machinery will be the essence of the effectiveness of various elements made ??of spherical particles , filamentous variety of shapes such as flowers , placed Mile transparent gel -like , not only the appearance of crystal clear, stylish appearance, but also because the essence intact seals , and use the active metal ion conduction , making a paste than plastic packaging design the average skin care products can more quickly and effectively restore the skin’s natural vitality , eliminate skin problems.

Therefore , designers take into account the aesthetics of its paste , the choice on the packaging of the bottle , there is a tendency to choose transparency, plasticity, and more solid feel and the same glass plexiglass material , adding to the quality of , superior gloss, gold, silver cap , want to give this crystal series cosmetics luxurious, stylish products connotation. And then also proved their packaging choices are correct. It is reported that this series of products on the market , it has been their target consumer group – young female consumers. Protective , functional and decorative one less “In general, cosmetic packaging should be both protective , functional and decorative . According to market research , we predict that this ‘ three of one ‘ is the future of cosmetic packaging direction of development . ” the expert said. First, install fresh cosmetics will occupy a considerable market .

In order to meet customer demand, companies choose to produce multiple products without preservatives . Therefore, companies had to fill them in small containers so people can run out of time , such as many brand essence is the use of such packaging. Although this is generally expensive cosmetics , it is difficult to become the market mainstream products, but it is the future of fashion, luxury lifestyle logo, so there will be a stable consumer base. Followed by the development and design of green packaging materials. Currently, there are more and more cosmetic companies began to pay attention to environmental issues , the choice of cosmetic packaging materials , will also be considered on – these materials can be recycled ? ” And the product, no doubt , green, environmentally friendly packaging materials will be the trend .”

Another possibility is that the mainstream multi-layer plastic composite technology . It enables multiple layers of different types of plastic composite together, once out into the plastic , you can choose any color and design of any shape – as long as you have enough imagination. With a plastic multi-layer technology , plastic packaging on the one hand can be completely isolated from the light , the air , to avoid oxidation of skin care products , on the other hand , through a blend of different types of materials , the appearance can bring people wonderful visual effects and unique texture improve the hose can be tortuous . At the same time , vacuum packaging quietly rising. Vacuum packaging protects contain fat , retinol, vitamin skin care products. It has a strong protective , elastic recovery advantages.

Another important development direction of the vacuum packaging is highlighted functionality, which is not so complicated to containers is important. Nevertheless , years of packaging ” rising star ” – plastic bottles in the future will still occupy an important position . Lightweight, rugged and easy to produce plastic containers have been an advantage . By chemists and plastics manufacturers efforts made ??transparent plastics and glass have a characteristic only of the past . And according to experts , the new plastic bottles can be dyed various colors , even after anti- UV treatment, but also a sense of transparency unabated .