Shrink film plastic trays used in the cosmetic packaging
“Day of the package with the transparent shrink film packaging products , has a good display of results , but how to choose the appropriate day of the shrink film packaging is the primary consideration .”

Used in cosmetic packaging transparent shrink film packaging products , has a good display of results , trademarks , logos, packaging is plastic packaging design clearly visible , beautiful and clean , tight contraction bright, high quality, enhance customer ‘s clear plastic packaging desire to buy plastic packaging vac tray , but also has plastic packaging box packaging design good moisture, dust, damage, anti- open function , which attracted the attention of customers , contributed to a purchase decision .

Jahwa Guo Yingying said color shrink film packaging , in addition to the above advantages , it can also be plastic box printed on a paper label everything in shrink film will be packaged into one , both to reduce the production cost , but also improves the working efficiency and product image. Moreover, it is either a single package, but also the integration of packaging, but also our packaging .

And when you talk about how cosmetic packaging shrink film material , Guo Yingying proposal , PVC shrink film transparency, clamshell packaging printability , and the production of a variety of different sizes tubular , sheet, folded membrane , ease of processing into a variety of shapes, However, due to the flexibility badly , not suitable for heavy packaging ; POF shrink film is better transparency , flexibility, biodegradable ; while PE shrink film has good flexibility , Rally, opaque , suitable for group packaging, packing heavy loads. When selecting packaging shrink film made ??, the material should be compatible with the heat-shrinkable film according to the requirements of the packing material selection. There are special requirements contraction ratio should be resolved through consultation with the manufacturer contraction than the problem , in order to achieve arbitrary applications with ease, perfect.