Plastic plastic box packaging container is still the main form of cosmetic products currently on the clear plastic packaging Chinese market is still plastic containers mainly cosmetic products packaging , but with packaging design the increasing number of product categories and the increasingly fierce market competition , the domestic Japanese enterprise products packaging materials and packaging design requirements are also increasing. In the product packaging , plastic trays innovative design , a plastic packaging design variety of materials applications and increase product competitiveness constant innovation plastic vac tray packaging clamshell packaging becomes critical . Currently used for cosmetic packaging plastic containers are mainly PET, PE, PVC and PP , such plastic packaging box as several materials. Among them, the application of the growth in PET plastic containers , especially in the field of cosmetic products quickly, such as NICE , Blue Moon , open rice and some other companies and brands Watson shower gel , skin care products , cleaning supplies and so pioneered the use of PET material containers. PE is a major household detergent packaging materials .

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) were widely used in laundry detergent, various detergents , bathroom cleaning agents and fabric softener and other products. Hair care products currently on the market and bath gel , are also a large number of high-density polyethylene blow molded packaging . The main reason for HDPE is widely used in its processes mature , dark , good , stickers situation is flexible and strong arbitrary choice of colors . PVC is mainly used for cosmetics packaging, but gradually phased out and replaced by the functionality, appearance and better PET. PP because of its excellent chemical stability and tightness , and is currently being applied in a more personal and household care products packaging pharmaceutical grade .