Tangible fluorescent ink security : the materials used for the tangible fluorescent ink , printing process is simple, accurate registration , printing results with the same effect plastic packaging as an ordinary ink , but under UV irradiation , prints showing unusual light , then , can be distinguished from ordinary ink. Species using fluorescent ink for packaging security is good vac tray or bad is very important , if you choose to live in poor or inaccurate , could lead to security is not obvious or do not have any security requirements, for example in accordance with shade and color theory principle of light absorption , the color in the long wavelength absorption of short wavelength light . Therefore , the choice of fluorescent security plastic box inks must be careful. Usually the printing system has generated the existence of complementary colors or inks with fluorescent ink than the selected color inks exist long waves , after which the ink is best not to use fluorescent colors or reach a certain security effectiveness . Therefore, the use of fluorescent anti- pharmaceutical packaging industry, the production process of the ink , the printing system for printing a variety of selected fluorescent ink plastic trays primer material is particularly important.

In addition the use of fluorescent ink printing process requirements for more stringent , because of packaging design the particularity of its ink system , generally in the course we should pay attention to consider some of the following factors :

By Ding pharmaceutical packaging and printing processes are commonly used intaglio , gravure therefore very important for the choice of solvent . The solvent is an important component of the gravure ink , has solubility and volatility , the evaporation rate is to determine the volatile ink drying speed and printing quality of the important factors. Slow evaporation of the solvent , the printed image reproducibility is better, but if the evaporation rate is too slow, the print has not been completely evaporated, the fluorescent ink prone to adhesions , causing security image blurred pages from dirty, the impact of security and the overall appearance of the clear plastic packaging product; Conversely , if the ink in the printing process in the solvent evaporation rate is too fast . Ink will produce white, sticky roller and so on. And lurks hidden plastic packaging design faults sticky ink back , causing the back of the packaging material from the dirty, under UV light shines bright piebald can clearly see heavy . Let consumers unsanitary intuition , severe cases may affect the coating and laminating processes under tract. Due to various manufacturers of printing equipment, different operating environments , such as the speed of printing , drying system structure, characteristics of printing clamshell packaging materials , indoor temperature and plastic packaging box humidity must be considered , so for printers : Arts solvent process the use of comprehensive consideration of all the factors . Comparison of binders are usually the solubility parameter of the resin , with the above requirements. Choice of two or three different boiling solvents used in conjunction to achieve the desired effect complete security pattern .