Stora Enso is a global specialty departments with Robert `s Packaging plastic

trays ‘s C-1500 series of high-speed continuous form / fill / seal equipment introduced MultiFlexTM paper bag barrier

material . The material plastic box produced by a number of tests and trial

operation, and can be added in resealable zipper clamshell packaging pocket .

” With MultiFlex bags and Robert` s Packaging equipment can be described as perfect , “Dawn Soucek global business development

manager for Stora Enso vac tray specialty department said,” With the MultiFlex,

clear plastic packaging the manufacturer does not have a more plastic packaging box solid barrier sheet material plastic packaging containing aluminum , put into use this new material does not

affect the customer’s existing Robert plastic packaging design `s Packaging

equipment , high-speed operation of the performance .”

“As an outward while providing equipment and packaging suppliers, we see the potential market for stand-up pouches packaging design . Customers are constantly looking for new unique packaging

materials , and require bags securely as possible .” Robert `s Steve Koppe , general manager of packaging , said , “We have

launched Stora Enso ‘s packaging solutions for the environment is very friendly . C series high-speed system and its ability

to play better bag material properties of Stora Enso ‘s MultiFlex.”

MultiFlex obtain FDA approval , is a non- barrier material of aluminum paper , film and foil can replace , solid durability .

Because good barrier properties, is ideal for food packaging, moisture and oxygen barrier to help and keep the flavor and aroma

of food . In addition , MultiFlex also be detected after filling and RFID tracking.