With the gradual increase in clamshell packaging temperature , the dairy industry has entered a sales season. The new round of dairy sales will also imminent war . By convention , the annual dairy industry, plastic packaging design leading enterprises will launch a new flagship product , these products will become an important sales and profit growth this year , followed by other dairy companies have to keep up to launch similar products. It can be said that practice , leading the new trend in the dairy industry , but then decided the new layout dairy packaging industry has to a certain extent .

Dairy industry classic – pure milk

Traditional fresh milk and UHT milk , including milk and other varieties. These varieties are still occupies an irreplaceable role in the dairy . Most traditional form of Tetra Pak packaging , Tetra pillow , fresh houses and Gabriel packages, etc. , this amount will continue to use these wrappers steadily .

HDPE bottles ( barrels ) package has been increasingly recognized by consumers , can be used outside of the bottle shrink film or adhesive labels, shrink film making stickers and packaging in the dairy consumption has been greatly improved, and the new environmentally friendly packaging materials OPS, PET also began to enter the market.

The oldest form of glass bottles still exist , but have been gradually replaced by paper cups package . Bright Dairy is the first to use paper cups , followed by Wei-Chuan also launched its own yogurt cups, two cups package was immediately accepted by the market . This year , many dairy companies have launched the same cup-shaped products. Although International Paper had been clamoring for their own patent on a bright fresh cup , but still did not stop other companies to enter the domestic cups fresh cup footsteps.

With the strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection , Ecolean packaging began in fresh milk, yogurt , earlier application is mainly Sanlu Dairy . Since the device matching and other factors, the current development of this package is not yet clear , the estimated amount of growth this year will not be much .

Gabriel package also is no longer a three-tier co-extruded film , companies under a lot of effort in improving product shelf life and prevent odor , etc., five co-extruded , aluminized , PVDC coating and other processes in the production of one hundred start Lee used the envelope .

The main source of the dairy products industry profits – Yogurt

In recent years, China yogurt production and sales at an average annual growth rate of 30% . Many enterprises will shift the focus to the development of the yogurt plastic trays : January 8, 2006 , Mengniu ‘s largest dairy companies and Hubei – Wuhan Friends of Friends Chi Health Dairy Co. joint venture plant to produce all kinds of yogurt -based ; while Erie in 2006 it will push into the yogurt market , last August , the Queen and Finland’s largest food company – Wei Liao , signed a contract to get the next five years the exclusive use of the world’s foremost authority probiotic LGG in China . In April, the Queen unveiled at the Boao Forum LGG yogurt is favored by the majority of the delegates .

Currently yogurt packaging forms including fresh house, fresh cup , HDPE bottles ( barrels ) , etc., no less than a dozen species, but this is still a plastic cup of yogurt packaging mainstream packaging, such as : Mengniu PIP dual cup yogurt , Erie , ternary quadruple Cup , six League yogurt . For the convenience of consumers to buy these products Cup , using cartons and plastic film packaging cluster will continue to be popular . Meanwhile , PVC Cup paper tray POF shrink film will be replaced .

The past two years , fruit yogurt category growth rate of over 40% , following the successful use of the unique PS Bright successful listing of a large cup of fruit yogurt , Mengniu uses a round HDPE Cup , Yili and Sanyuan the PS Cup with a triangular packing large fruit , followed by domestic dairies to follow suit. Earlier this year, Mengniu also used successfully listed on the Tetra crown with fruit yogurt , dairy market this year and a competitive point .


Dairy industry profit growth again a product – milk

The price war has resulted in successive years of traditional room temperature milk market increasingly slim profit margins , price competition among several giant has reached a fevered pitch , field milk dairy enterprises will undoubtedly become the market price of milk plastic packaging box at room temperature competitive breakthrough, only from the original “bigger vac tray ” to “bigger ” and ” stronger” both. Danish first, Mengniu teamed Alaa Mahfouz companies into high-end infant formula market , the Yili Group has invested 170 million yuan , to build capacity of over 15,000 tons of high-grade infant milk powder production base.

At present , the common market, mainly in milk packaging plastic packaging tinplate cans and PE compound clear plastic packaging bag based, despite many changes in the structure of the composite film bags , but little change in the basic form of packaging . Since the use of Wyeth milk carton , many domestic enterprises have also launched their own milk carton hardcover , which bagged milk carton to avoid the pocket and consumers have more contact with the hand more health, in addition, boxed milk has a higher barrier multilayer composite materials , the product can play better protection. Compared with tin cans , cartons have a great cost advantage. It also seems plastic box to be the only bright spot in this year’s milk packaging .

After the “Super Girl” during the lactic acid bacteria beverage

Lactic acid bacteria drinks already listed, but which year did not like the 2005 so prosperous , that’s super girls brought advertising. Then suddenly fire up lactic acid bacteria beverage , the more famous the ” yogurt “, ” sour milk” and so on. Lactic acid bacteria beverage production this year is expected to be more than last year. 2005 mainly in the form of lactic acid bacteria beverage packaging Tetra brick , packaging forms relatively simple. After a year of deliberation, this year the brand of lactic acid bacteria beverage on the market in full swing , the new packaging also will produce , have appeared in Tetra pillow , secondary sterilized bottles, Bang Bang acid, Tetra crown , plastic cup ( including PS cups , PP cups ) , Gabriel package form .

Finally, there is a class to introduce a separate package that carton packaging . This year the market will see new forms of cartons in the dairy processing industry use , namely: flexo preprint . Compared with pre-printed gravure , flexo pre-printed with a lower cost, easy revision and so on. At present, Tianjin Yannan carton plant the introduction of a production line , I believe we will soon be able to see flexo pre-printed corrugated boxes of milk .

Competition in the dairy industry , the competition is no longer limited to the product itself , while the need to constantly update the product . This change in market demand and promote the rapid follow-up package , the future of dairy packaging market is bound to be showing a ” television flourishing ” situation.