In recent years , China’s plastic flexible packaging industry has been rapid development, but also a strong impetus to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries progress, the progress of these industries in clear plastic packaging turn further stimulate the market demand for plastic packaging films. With the continuous improvement of materials and processing technologies , in many areas of plastic flexible packaging gravure is playing an increasingly important role in people’s lives have been inseparable shopping bags , merchandise bags, garbage bags , freezer storage bags ; while industrial packaging , household items packaging, clothing packaging, pharmaceutical packaging is also a lot of use of plastic packaging films .

With the environmental impact of the wave , consumer goods packaging made ??increasing demands. Green packaging is the development trend of international environmental needs , but also represents the development trend of the countries in the packaging industry , is to improve the market competitiveness , avoiding an important part of new trade barriers . To meet this requirement , the green plastic packaging film has become one of the important trends.

Definition of green packaging currently do not have a fully unified . Generally, the cycle can be reused, recycled or degraded corruption , and in the entire life cycle of the human body and the environment do not cause pollution of appropriate packaging , known as the green packaging. The most important implication of green packaging is to protect the environment, but also the significance of both renewable resources .

Strengthen the recovery and recycling , to achieve ecological cycle of packaging waste is the most effective measures to clamshell packaging reduce environmental pollution. Green packaging throughout its life cycle , follow the circular economy ‘ reduction, reuse, recycling behavior of economic activities ` in principle , so that the environmental impact of packaging to a minimum. In recent years have continued to make progress in plastic waste recycling and re-use , etc., and gradually solve the problem of secondary pollution .

Packaging waste regulations vary , but there is a common principle : should function under the premise to meet the packaging to minimize the amount of waste generated , encouraging less raw material . Should try to use the same material in the packaging design, detachable coexistence material and tend to use simple, easily recycled materials. Thus showing trends lightweight packaging film plastic box , the key technology is the use of a super toughness , thin films can be processed and easier processing of new materials , such as bimodal polymer bit

HDPE, metallocene catalyst, and a polyolefin of high barrier packaging materials.

China plastic packaging industry to reduce waste pollution has made a lot of progress , with the gradual implementation of domestic laws and regulations on environmental protection this year will achieve greater progress . E.g., using the heat-sealable varnish applied stretched film may significantly reduce the amount of material obtained in the cold ice cream packaging a large number of applications ; through the use of a metallocene polyolefin of high strength and successfully reduces the thickness of the packaging film ; the phenomenon of excessive packaging is also being gradually reduced ; co-extruded composite technology and equipment applications are becoming increasingly popular, precise control to solve the problem of the film thickness of each layer , the high price barrier layer thickness can be controlled very thin, while fresh performance doubled or even several times improved.

In addition to the work done in terms of recycling , the countries in the world have come to understand the importance of environmental protection , thus biodegradable packaging films aspects of green efforts , new emerging .

Edible film

Edible packaging film based on natural edible substances plastic packaging ( such as polysaccharides , proteins, etc. ) as raw materials , through the interaction between different molecules and the formation of a porous film having a network structure . Edible packaging film such as chitosan , corn protein packaging film , modified cellulose film composite edible packaging edible packaging film , the edible films can be used within a variety of instant food packaging in the food industry, having huge market.

Mainly to solve the waste , not easily degradable packaging materials recovery difficult, buried in the ground will destroy the soil structure, incineration will produce toxic gases caused by air pollution contradiction . Biodegradable plastic packaging film has both features and functionality of traditional plastic , but also after the completion of life, through the action of microorganisms in soil and water , or by the sun’s ultraviolet role in the degradation of the natural environment division , and ultimately to restore the form plastic trays of re- into the ecological environment, the return to nature . Variety of domestic R & D has covered photodegradation , biodegradation light , light oxo-biodegradable , high starch content type biodegradable , high calcium carbonate -filled light oxidative degradation , biodegradable and other categories. Degradable plastics in packaging applications has been common throughout the packaging film , shrink film , shopping bags , garbage bags , etc. , in order to improve the environment has played a positive role.

Water-soluble film

Water-soluble plastic packaging film as a plastic packaging box novel green packaging materials vac tray in Europe, America , Japan and other countries have been widely used in a variety of packaging products, such as pesticides, fertilizers , paints , dyes , detergents , water treatment agent plastic packaging design , mineral additives, washing agents, concrete additives, photographic chemicals and chemical reagents and other horticultural care . Due to the degradation of water-soluble film thoroughly , using environmentally safe and convenient features, so much attention has been the world’s developed countries . Currently, the main foreign Japan, the United States, France and other countries production sales of such products , domestic enterprises have been put into production , and its products are to market.