Our flexible packaging equipment manufacturing industry is only 15 years old, it is based on the introduction of the device , through the digestion and absorption, from the initial production of 400 mm wide and only just 20 meters per minute, the speed of satellite-based printing , dry laminating machine extruder and slitting machine : Small ( width 250 mm ) in sealed praying machine, side sealing machine, the speed has been able to produce 150

M / min , width 1000 mm below the gravure printing machine, dry laminating machine , extrusion laminating machine , cutting machine and a variety of more than 100 vac tray segments per minute automatic bag . For the development of the domestic flexible packaging industry plastic trays provides a lot of equipment . At present, China flexible packaging equipment manufacturing industry already have the scale , the formation of Shantou, Guangdong , Jiangsu Wuxi , Wenzhou, Zhejiang Haining , Xi’an several large -scale flexible packaging equipment production base. Gradually have the ability to fully replace imported equipment . If the equipment manufacturing industry, through joint efforts , clamshell packaging by 2003 , China will have a stable performance, reliable quality and high visibility , speed 150 m / min or more , width 1200 mm below the production line to meet customer needs and achieve export volume . First, gravure printing machine

Domestic high-speed gravure printing machine plastic packaging from 1993 onwards, several key businesses to invest in development, trial . From 1995 to 1996 completed the prototype production and use of a small amount of user evaluation . 1997 began mass production can be divided into the following three basic types : 1 ) in width, precision : there Shantou Huaying Flexible Packaging Equipment Plant of YA7-680A high-speed microcomputer control concave card printing , YA7-800B central control computer Shaanxi printing equipment Limited A2; high speed gravure printing machine
J60700A unit type computer-printed ; Shantou Shanzhang Light Industry Machinery Factory SGF Series computer control high speed gravure printing machine . The wide range of products market , mature technology, high value , seven-color gravure printing machine to count , the price is between about 100 to 150 million. 2 ) with automatic register control system, but the overall configuration generally gravure printing , such as: Goldberg YAD71000D,

Complete Haining Yi plastic packaging box Bridge DJZY-600 computer gravure printing machines and other products width specifications , accuracy of mid- level , low price, with seven-color gravure printing machine count ,; YAD6600D computer gravure printing machine ; Wenzhou divine YA6600, YA61000 computer-printed prices between about 45 to 100 million. 3 ) wide , high-precision : Shaanxi Printing Machinery Equipment Factory AZJ601050H upscale gravure printing machine, Shanzhang Light Industry Machinery Factory SGNC digital control speed gravure printing machine , printing width 1050mm, printing speed 150mm/min. Their main structure and control system has been configured to the same level of imports anchor device , is an alternative to the main products imported to seven-color gravure printing machine count , the price of between about 300 to 350 million. The current rapid development of manufacturers are: Shaanxi Printing Machine Factory , Shantou Shanzhang Light Industry Machinery Factory , Shantou City Huaying Flexible Packaging Equipment Plant and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. , Zhongshan Goldberg . With the development of gravure printing machine , suitable for tipping paper , coated paper, white cardboard and aluminum foil gravure printing machine have also entered the market.

Throughout the country there are several representative gravure printing machine status are: 1, the whole design of the structure with a variety of advanced features advanced models ; 2 , strong configuration include: multi- loop vector inverter AC synchronous motor servo control system, automatic overprint on the version control system , automatic connections are pre-driver system , automatic tension control compensation systems, industrial computer central control system ; 3 , high precision machining, design more experienced ; 4 , lower installation commissioning process high quality , impact device exert effects ; quality management and awareness 5 business process needs to be improved in order to comprehensively improve the overall quality level. Future development , technical input from key enterprises , the printing speed of 150 m / min to 250 m / min gravure printing machine , will enter the market in 2003 . As the second largest gravure printing machine key technologies : the tension control technology will have a new improved ; tension associated with drying control technology will be improved.

Second, the dry and wet laminating machine laminating machine in view of the enterprise ‘s technology investment is not enough of the product , resulting in domestic dry laminating machine has a lower grade . With higher domestic demand and imports flexible packaging industry equipment prices , domestic high-speed dry laminating machine width gradually enter the market and have to take on a major role supporting gravure printing machine and imported production .

Representative of the production plant are: Huaying factory GF-1000B industrial computer controlled high-speed dry plastic packaging design laminating machine ( plastic box already shipped ) , Shanzhang plant SDP1000 computer speed automatic laminating machine , Hua Zhou factory LM-WET/1000 speed dry laminating machine , the maximum operating speed of 150-160 m / min , the price of between about 150 to 185 million. ( GLM Hua Zhou Industrial Computer Control

-DRY-N/1000 High-speed dry laminating machine has not yet shipped ) . Zhongshan Goldberg FHG1000C, Wenzhou god, Haining 1000 Series lightweight machine dry complex machine ( as part of the microcomputer programmable control ) , it ‘s machine speed of 100 m / min to 130 m / min. Various functions has reached the level of similar imported equipment , the price of between about 80 to 100 million.
The production of high -speed dry laminating machine already has a winding and rewinding and automatic connections are pre-driver function , automatic tension control function of each segment , the speed of the composite coating head and roll ( tension ) synchronization control, steam heating temperature servo control function , the clear plastic packaging whole machine programmable control and industrial computer control.
Future development , will further enhance the machine speed of about 200 m / min , to improve manufacturing precision and stability control systems . Adaptability to supporting the import and domestic high-speed gravure printing machine printing machine needs. Wet laminating machine and various substrate coating machine has also been considerable development . The main direction of the future development of solvent-free laminating machine and hot melt coating machine , high barrier material coating machine .