Mainly packaging clear plastic packaging design

Focus is the plastic trays focal point for the performance of the content. Conducted within the packaging design limited screen , plastic packaging design which is the limitations on space . Meanwhile , in the sales package is in a short time later by the sting of understanding , this is a limitation in time. This temporal limits packaging design can not be blindly perfection, everything, everything put up do not really have .

To determine the focus of information goods , consumption, sales in three areas to compare and choose the basic point selection is beneficial to increase sales . The following will determine the focus of the project are listed for reference .

Trademark image of the commodity , grade meaning ;

Functional utility of the goods , texture attributes ;

Background The origin of goods, local factors ;

Collection of the goods sold to vac tray the background plastic box object of consumption ;

The clamshell packaging difference between the current categories of goods and products ;

The product package design similar situation ;

The product of its relevant characteristics , and so on .

These are the design concept of the information media . To learn as much as possible the design of the information, compare and choose , and to determine the performance of priorities. Therefore requires the designer to have accumulated a wealth of related merchandise, market knowledge and living quarters , cultural knowledge. Accumulate , the more the idea of the wider world , the more the road , the more choice there is also the focus of the foundation .

Selective focus mainly includes grades trademark , trade and consumption of the object itself in three aspects . Some products have delicate famous trademarks or brands may be trademarks of grades for performance focus: Some products or plastic packaging new product packaging have some more prominent features of the product itself plastic packaging box can be used as a key ; some of the users I targeted goods packaging can focus on consumer performance . Among commodity -focused performance with the greatest performance of a place , which is followed by another for discussion. Anyway regardless of their performance , we must in order to convey a clear focus on the content and information .