Travel goods packaging plastic packaging design principles

Tourists to the tourist destination for consumption, in addition to tourism product and take away the impression of destination feeling , but nothing can take away , therefore , become the main medium for travel goods passing tourist destination information . Tourism is not only well-made goods to tourists leaving a pleasant feeling , but also because the cultural enrichment of the tourist essence , make friends and visitors to travel to the good image of a preliminary understanding ; while making poor travel products not only unable to stimulate tourists consumer desire for travel is also detrimental to the image . Travel goods packaging products is closely linked to its inherent and can be said to be interdependent , in a sense, can be said that the relationship between form and content. Although the content determines form , but the form in turn will affect the content , so the tourism product packaging design should be linked with the inner product , the two complement each other.

And now the packaging design is becoming a culture based, to life as the basis plastic packaging design for the modern -oriented disciplines. So tourism product packaging design should also be viewed as a form of culture , strengthen its design culture, enrich the connotation of tourism commodities , improve the cultural quality of the product, to improve the tourism product sales will play a crucial role.

1, to reflect local characteristics

Travel goods packaging lack of personality, packaging identical, stereotyped ; travel goods vac tray brand awareness and marketing business is not clear plastic packaging strong , clamshell packaging can not be implemented after the launch of the new brand management , scale of operation , gave imitations opportunity , so that visitors know what to do at the time of purchase ; must “independence” , “special” awareness, tourism product packaging should be , “but I alone excellent ,” ” but I’m unique ,” financial nationality, local, informative, interesting and memorable in one. Because most commodities are tourist souvenir tourism , appreciation , collection or gift for friends and family to use, is a kind of ” unlimited plastic box consumption” , has great flexibility, a good travel goods can often cause people to a place of remembrance and longing ; landscape despite its immobility , yet can take advantage of high-grade travel products beyond time and space , people enjoy the beauty . To make travel goods have both local characteristics , but also create new ideas to break the original model , not only in the tourism product theme , content, design, functionality efforts , more efforts should be on the packaging .

2 , there must be awareness of quality packaging

Souvenirs is commodity, but it is not a synonym for shoddy . Have a fine sense of souvenirs to show for a fairly good idea of tourist souvenirs , if the production was extremely rough , even exclusive , the sales will be greatly reduced . And other commodities, value for money tourist souvenirs will have a market . In Xi’an play, after a tour of the world-famous Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses , want to buy some beautiful souvenirs to bring back to do a memorial , the results did not choose to do so for a long time . Qin Tong Juma rough imitation production , packaging and not on the grade , fail to reflect local characteristics ; Some slightly exquisitely crafts, packaging is very simple, one can only mention bagged package , it is detrimental to the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses , ” the eighth wonder of the world .” plastic packaging box in the world. Lintong friend told the author , there is no shortage of local characteristics of souvenirs, like the villagers very unique embroidery crafts, fine production and a wide variety of domestic and foreign tourists. However, due to packaging the rough , do not sell in the market Shang Hao prices. Lintong fire crystal persimmon, pomegranate and other local specialties also exist packaging, described as ” golden couple tattered shirt, the emperor could not marry his daughter .” A friend traveling abroad , bring back some of the valuable handicrafts , well-produced , packaged gorgeous, memorable and collectible value . And we are humble plastic trays and featureless packaging, it allows visitors to feel its precious artistic value and taste , and the corresponding economic value has been damaged. Shanghai Shen Guang gold jewelry craft company produced different from traditional gold , inlaid with gold and silver will use novel materials , and high precision , sold to Jiangsu and Zhejiang area attractions , sold very well ; eternal gifts of many products the company uses computer design , crystal jewelry reference surface treatment process , metal inlay reached miniature effects, such as elaborate artificial crystal Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and a number of world-renowned architectural models , export orders continue . These are the success stories . Travel goods must focus on packaging. As the saying goes , ” Clothes make the man , the Buddha to gold ,” tourism product packaging to gifts of both artistic and compatible with local characteristics and artistic features of both. Artistic requirements sleek, exquisitely delicate , gifts of stress patterns, words켪Cheung for reciprocity , host and guest happy. This is also a necessary prerequisite to become a tourism product boutique .

3 , to have cultural connotations